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   National Advertising Fund Overview 
  2011 Overview
 Balance carried forward in 2010  &97,509
 2011 income  &383,250
 2011 spending  &371,227
 Balance carried forward 2011 (forecast)  &109,532
Part of the balance carried forward (&40,000 to &50,000) will be used as reserve cash flow to cover any potential overspend in 2012. The balance will be used for IT, marketing and other opportunities as well as to cover the fact that in the height of the year the committee spends more than the income received.

2012 Forecast

Forecasted income 2012 - &401,250

Due to the current market and the balance carried forward of &109,532, the committee has agreed to keep the income assumption at the same level as income received in the second half of 2011 (&200,625 over six months). The forecasted income does not take into consideration the appointment of new licensees.

Forecasted spending 2012 - &424,747

 Regular Spending Price (&)
Quantity  Total 2012 (&)
 Sunday Times / double page  10,000  20  200,000
 Saturday Telegraph / page  6,480  10  64,800
 Times iPad advertising  3,500  3  10,500
 P1 Communications  2,000  12  24,000
 Zoopla  3,200  12  38,400
 Digital Property Group  3,000  12  36,000
 IT/SEO campaigns  3,000  12  36,000
 Madison Bell / Insertion  30.00  91  2,730
 Levy  26.48  12  317.76
 Copy Writer  1,000  12  12,000



   2012 Advertising Campaign
  In 2011, working on a target audience of AB 35-60, our campaign in the Sunday Times and Saturday Telegraph delivered a reach of 38% of this audience, with a 3+ reach of 34%. Given the use of two titles this is a very good result.

It is important to maintain our current brand position and SOV in the Sunday Times, as the title remains the leading property section in the market and provides a strong platform for both country and London property.

The Telegraph, given its unique readership, provides strong up-weight in the country market, in particular its strengths in the West Country and in the Northern regions. The campaign achievements made in 2011will be maintained so as not lose the headway to the other country agents.

As Fine & Country was able to hold its volume of advertising in 2012 as in 2011, a rate freeze on the campaign was successfully negotiated with the Sunday Times and The Saturday Telegraph.

If you are not advertising in both publications yet but would like to do so, please contact Emilie Despois or call 020 7079 1515 for more information.
   NEW! iPad Online Advertising 
  Most national papers now have their own iPad editions. To further the Fine & Country print campaign, iPad insertions were considered as add-ons to this campaign. The objective is to catch readers who no longer look at print (these tend to be slightly younger and more affluent than the print audience).

Fine & Country will advertise in The Times iPad edition for a trial period of three months, using imaginative and entertaining video adverts to generate interest and increase traffic to the Fine & Country website. The campaigns will be rolled out between February and April 2012 and the success will be monitored with the possibility to carry on after the trial period.
   2012 Marketing Campaign 
  Following the success of this year’s quarterly campaign, Fine & Country will roll out new campaigns throughout 2012. The topics will be:
i. January-March: Fine & Country Awards
ii. April-June: The team behind the negotiator
iii. July-September: Fine & Country IT
iv. October-December Fine & Country Referral and Global Network 

(Topics subject to change depending on external and internal developments)

   Brand Guidelines 
  Advanced warning: Fine & Country Head Office is in the process of unifying and updating all brand guidelines which will affect all Fine & Country marketing materials.

These new guidelines and marketing templates will be launched during the next Fine & Country National Conference on 13th January, 2012, with a phase-out timescale of three months. Therefore, please bear this in mind when ordering any materials. 

   Hurlingham Club 
  On the 1st and 2nd of November, 2011, Fine & Country showcased a selection of the finest properties from across the UK and Marbella at the Luxury Property Show, hosted at The Hurlingham Club. The Luxury Property Show attracted a range of exhibitors from around the globe offering a unique opportunity to view and buy from the finest collection of the world’s most luxurious properties.   

As part of the event, Fine & Country’s Marketing and IT Director Richard Combellack spoke at one of the seminars, hosted by TV presenter Melissa Porter on the topic of Social Media. Melissa Porter said: "The world is evolving and to stay ahead it's necessary to change and move with the times. Social media is the king of communication for this century and Richard Combellack's presentation for Fine & Country was bang on trend. Congratulations."

Over the two-day period there was a steady flow of traffic to the Fine & Country stand which included national journalists from the Financial Times, Sunday Times, Living Abroad Magazine, Country Life and Prime Location. Coverage for the brand has already been confirmed by the Financial Times as a result and others are likely to follow.

The show was ideally positioned to raise awareness of the Fine & Country brand in the luxury sector and is likely to be repeated next year.

   PR - Media Centre 
  The Fine & Country Media Centre is proud to announce that since the last NAC meeting (from August to October 2012) the Equivalent Advertising Value (EAV) achieved for Fine & Country is &928,701 with an equivalent PR value of &2,786,103.

Coverage was achieved in major publications such as The Times, The Financial Times, The Sunday Times and The Daily Telegraph, the name but a few, bringing the circulation to 38,672,511.

You can benefit from incredible PR coverage in your area by taking up a Media Package (from only &100 per month) with our award-winning Media Centre. For more information please contact Vicky Goodall on 020 7079 1443 or


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