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New valuation request opportunities

We have now introduced two additional information boxes on each contact form on the website. These are; 'Do you require a valuation of your property,' and requesting information on our foreign exchange services.

The foreign exchange request will directly be sent to IFX, our foreign exchange partner, and will be dealt by them, so no further action is required from your office here.

The new ‘Do you require a valuation on your property’ button however could mean an increase in valuation requests or vendor referrals for you. When receiving any contact form from the Fine & Country website, make sure that you check if the valuation box has been ticked and call the vendor to ask where the property is located. If the property is in your area, book the valuation. If the property is outside your area, log it as a referral on the referral system.

Below is an example of how the information boxes will appear on a contact page.

For more information on referrals, please contact your customer service team on 020 7079 1515.

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