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Website performance report

The Fine & Country website is being consistently reviewed and improved, aiming to drive traffic and increase valuation requests. Recently, we have introduced a 24/7 online chat and an instant valuation tool to improve our online offering to our customers and increase valuation requests.


Audience Overview 

> There has been an increase in the overall number of visits to the site since September 2015. The total number of sessions has increased to 209,324, an increase of 15.82% over last year (when the number was 180,731)

> Likewise, the number of users has increased by 20.65% since 2015




It is interesting to see that the volume of traffic from the United States has increased since Brexit (form 1,800 visitors in May to 2,728 in August). 






> Desktops account for 41.78% of visits, tablets 23.94% & mobiles 34.28%

> There was a significant increase in the proportion of mobile sessions which increased far in excess of the proportional increase in visitors. Mobile visits increased 25.95% compared to September 2015

> Desktop traffic is up 0.48% compared to a year ago





> The most engaged group is the 55-64 age range (5 pages per session & average session duration of 5m 10s)

> The 45 - 54 age group provide the largest volume of visitors (22,358)







> Facebook is the biggest generator of social traffic with 22,475 visits in September. This is a significant amount of traffic whose trend is increasing

> There were over 260% more sessions via social referral compared to last year which is a significant increase. Most of this seems to have been generated by an increase in Facebook traffic

> Twitter’s traffic increased from 258 in September 2015 to 1,319 visitors in September 2016

> LinkedIn traffic increased from 62 in September 2015 to 335 visitors in September 2016





Yomdel Live Chat 


Below are the figures we have received from the Live Chat service on the website for September.

> Lead Opportunities 264 including:

  • Seller 109 41%
  • Landlord 8 3%
  • Buyer 144 55%
  • Tenant 3 1%

> Leads received out of office hours 102 40%
> Customer Satisfaction 92%

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