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Fine & Country TV advert - 2 weeks left

The Fine & Country advert is only running for another 2 weeks, reaching a larger audience as the relaunch has been aired further. Over the past two months, the advert has been seen on More 4, Home, 4oD, Drama and Yesterday.


Click here to see the rest of the schedule. Please note that some timings are subject to change as channels schedule their programmes only a week on advance.


The TV advert will serve to increase valuation requests and instructions from prospective vendors looking to benefit from the effective and wide reach of this impactful advertising medium. To maximise engagement with the TV advert, don't forget to use the campaigns available on the members' hub.  





Click here to download the 10s version.


Click here to download the 30s version.


The 30s version of the advert will still be available on the Fine & Country website and on our YouTube channel.


Tips on how to promote the TV campaign

Our agents share some tips and ideas:  

1. Tell your current sellers - the TV advert is a benefit to the brand, people won't want to leave when they know their home could get the best exposure with Fine & Country.
2. Attract attention - September always sees a boost in the market, start sending materials out now to attract people's attention to choose Fine & Country over other agents.
3. Steal attention - Those who may be seeking another agent after the 12 weeks can see we offer more than other agents.
4. Use the hashtag - Remind people of the hashtag #bestsellerhome. You can start using it as a countdown on your social media to promote the return of the TV advert.
5. Press Release - Send a press release to your local newspaper - 'TV success repeated' - Due to the success of their TV advertising campaign earlier this year Fine & Country will be repeating their ‘best sellers’ advert on Channel 4 (the property channel).
6. Send the campaign DM card to all properties for sale locally (above £400,000).

7. Utilise all items available to you on the members’ hub.


8. When customer call you for a valuation, ask them if it is because they saw the TV advert. Even if the customer answers no, it tells them that we are advertising on TV and could make a difference in their decision making process. 

9. Don’t forget to also mention that Fine & Country is adverting on TV during valuations, it might again make a difference and place you above the competition.





You can download the press release here





The Campaigns


Please email if you want to personalise any of the items below.



Direct mail and canvassing cards


The canvassing cards can be distributed at your leisure to potential customers whilst the direct mail cards will allow you to reach a targeted socio-demographic segment of the population within your area, maximising the success of the campaign.


Click here to view the examples




Click here to view the examples


Window Cards


Ready for you to print and place in your window, these window cards are a free and easy way to advertise Fine & Country’s international network.


A4 window card





A3 window card







Click here to view the A3 window card.


Newspaper Banner Ad






Email Footers


Place this under your standard Fine & Country email signatures and link it to the Fine & Country website.









Alternatively, you can now have your own bespoke hmtl footer with links to the website, Fine & Country social media channels and current campaigns. The footer will be automatically updated for each campaign. To request the footer, please email





We have created mini-mag covers for you to use.





Rightmove Local Homepage Banner






An emailer has been created for you to send to your entire database of prospects.



 >Click here to open the link (open in Internet Explorer – Chrome and Firefox do not support this)



 > Click here  to open the link (open in Internet Explorer – Chrome and Firefox do not support this)




Click on File > Send > Page by email Set the ‘To..’ address as your own, enter the target email addresses in the Bcc box Ensure you customise your HTML mailer with your office's contact details.If you would like to personalise any of the collateral above, please email or call 01223224304



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