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TV Brand Awareness Campaign

Following the success of the TV advert, we decided to create a campaign based on the fantastic results we achieved from the Brand Awareness Survey. The messages in this campaign are a great way for you to promote the brand to existing and potential customers. 
> Direct Mail and Canvassing Cards 
The direct mail and canvassing cards are available for you to order on the Fine & Country Digital Hub. These canvassing cards can be distributed at your leisure to potential customers whilst the direct mail cards will allow you to reach a targeted socio-demographic segment of the population within your area, maximising the success of the campaign.
Click here to view the examples of the Direct Mail cards. 
See the Canvassing cards here
> Window Cards 
Ready for you to print and place in your window, these window cards are a free and easy way to advertise Fine & Country's Buyers' Database.
A4 Window Card
Click here to view option 1 
Click here to view option 2
Click here to view option 3
A3 Window Card
Click here to view option 1 
Click here to view option 2
Click here to view option 3 
< Newspaper/Magazine Advertisement 
Newspaper Banner 
 View option 1 here, option 2 here and option 3 here
> Magazine Full page Adverts 
 Click here to view option 1, option 2 here and option 3 here
> Email Footers 
Place this under your Fine & Country email. 
 Download option 1 here , option 2 here, option 3 here
> Mini Mag Covers
We have created a mini mag cover for you to use. Click here to view option 1, option 2 here and option 3 here
> Rightmove Home Page Banner 
 Please click here to download option 1, option 2 here and option 3 here
> Rightmove Mid Page Advert
Please click here to download option 1, option 2 here and option 3 here
> Emailer 
An emailer has been created for you to send to your entire database.
> Click on the image above (with your preferred message) to open the link (open in Internet Explorer – Chrome and Firefox do not support this)
> Click on File > Send > Page by email
(If ‘File’ is not on your menu options, put your mouse pointer in the grey menu strip at the top of Explorer, click the right mouse button and click ‘Menu Bar’)
> Set the ‘To..’ address as your own, enter the target email addresses in the Bcc box (you may need to click the ‘Cc..’ button first, to get the ‘Bcc..’ option).
> Ensure you customise your HTML mailer with your office's contact details.
> Send

If you have any questions, please contact the Fine & Country studio on 01223 443 906 or email 
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