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Other marketing initiatives

The following national advertising initiatives will be carried out to increase brand awareness and valuation requests;
Print advertising
The TV campaign will be used on all national newspaper advertising as well as in our range of publications.
Online advertising
In addition to social media campaigns, blog posts and dedicated page on the Fine & Country website, we will be running a programmatic campaign.
 The programmatic campaign will be highly targeted to our defined audience behaviours (click here to learn more about programmatic advertising). Within the campaign we will be running additional strategies:
  1. Prospecting – seeking a new audience who aren’t currently engaging with F&C website but show the same behaviours as your current web audience to drive new traffic and potential clients through. The advertising banners will advertise the 'Bestseller' theme.
  1. Retargeting – we want to ensure that those who do interact with our shutter creative move on to your website to make an enquiry – so we will retarget those who don’t reach your website to encourage the required behaviour. The shutter will play the TV advert, alongside a selection of our best properties on the market.
  1. TV sync – through a piece of technology we are able to serve our digital advert when our TV advert is playing on the TV to mobile or tablet hand pieces to encourage immediate engagement with F&C.
  1. In-Banner advert unit – To extend our reach of the TV campaign, we will be serving creative showing the TV advert for the first 3 months of the campaign.

We also understand the importance of monitoring the effectiveness of the campaign. So we will be using web-based analytics to track traffic on the website before and after the TV advert. We will also be using customer surveys targeted at a specific audience across the UK to gauge the level of brand awareness and people's perception of the brand before and after the TV campaign.