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A special thank you: Peter Bruning retires from the NAC


Having joined the National Advisory Council over 10 years ago, Peter Bruning is retiring his position as Chairman. David Lindley, CEO of Fine & Country said, “For 10 years, Peter has chaired the National Advisory Council of the Fine & Country network, steering the development and future of the brand and the network with care and consideration. His experience and dedication will be sorely missed, he has been an immense credit and asset to the network, we really could not have asked more from him. On behalf of the network, the NAC and myself, I would like to sincerely thank Peter again for all he has done for Fine & Country, we would not be as strong as we are today without him.”

Peter has been a valued colleague amongst many and will leave a lasting impression at Fine & Country. He said, “Fine & Country as a brand and as an organisation has grown exponentially both nationally and internationally and the team at Park Lane have matured and grown. The mantle has been passed on from father to son and I would honestly say that Fine & Country is as strong now as it has ever been.”

When asked what he will miss about his experience at the NAC, he responded, “I will miss the comradeship and friendship of my colleagues. We always have a good laugh as well as seriously talking shop which is what we are here for.”

Napoleon Wilcox, Managing Director of Fine & Country Webbers said, “As Peter’s deputy Chair for all of these years, it has been my real pleasure to have worked with him. His steady hand at the helm, combined with his wealth of experience, both through a corporate and independent agency as well as his overall business acumen, has been invaluable to us all. I will miss our working relationship and friendship. It has been a rewarding experience working with Peter throughout this time.”

Colin Shairp, Managing Director of Fine & Country South East Hampshire added, “I have worked alongside Peter for the last 10 years. He is an educated, understanding, supportive and dedicated leader. His strengths and consideration, his patience, desire and commitment have helped the whole committee grow into the NAC we have today. His mentoring and leadership will be sadly missed.”

Dominic Subbiani, Managing Director of Fine & Country Pembrokeshire said, “Peter is a wonderful guy. He has been amazing as Chairman for the years that I have been involved in the NAC and I wish him all the best of luck in his retirement.”

Simon Cornwell, Managing Director of Fine & Country East London and one of the newest members of the NAC said, “I have known Peter for 18 months since I sat on the board. His warmth and passion for the brand has been clear for all to see. He has made me feel very welcome and will be sadly missed.”

Throughout the duration of Peter’s position of Chairman of the NAC, Fine & Country has grown massively. Peter said, “In my period of office, one thing that stands out is the way we have developed the marketing strategy, which serves the whole network. We listen to what our colleagues want and implement that in accordance with their wishes; now we have a significant impact on the national market with what we do.”

Emilie Despois, Head of Brand Marketing for Fine & Country said, “It has been a privilege to work alongside Peter, from whom I have learnt a lot. His experience and knowledge of the industry has been invaluable to help with the development of the Fine & Country brand and network. Peter will be missed, and I wish him all the best.”

Following Peter’s retirement, we are pleased to announce that Colin Shairp will be his successor. Colin said, “It is a privilege to be voted into the Chairman’s role against stiff competition from three colleagues. I am delighted to have support from the committee, and although there are bound to be tough times ahead, I hope to lead with a positive, upbeat, proactive and considerate approach.”

Neil Wise, Managing Director of Fine & Country Cambridge said, “Congratulations to Colin on his election as Chairman. Peter has been a fantastic custodian; he has been very welcoming since I started with the NAC and has brought with him a wealth of knowledge which he has been happy to pass on to everyone.”

We asked Peter’s colleagues to sum him up in three words, to which Graham Wilson, Managing Director of Fine & Country Northern Lincolnshire replied, “I will miss his knowledge, experience and protective approach to the network and the members.” Gary Hartley, Managing Director of Fine & Country East Midlands said, “I’ve known Peter for 35 years, he was one of the original partners of the company that I started at as a young boy, and has always been dependable, reliable and knowledgeable”, and Nigel Eckersley Chairman of Fine & Country Tarporley said he is “a true gentlemen.”

Thank you, Peter, for your invaluable service and dedication to the NAC. We hope you have an enjoyable and relaxing retirement.

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