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During May, the Media Centre has once again achieved a high number of high-value features, including several features in The Times, The Guardian, The Mail on Sunday, The Daily Telegraph, Horse and Hound and Epoch Times.


The Media Centre is regularly looking for new content to increase interaction, so keep in contact at




The total EAV in June this year was &559,480. We were featured 62 times this month including several high-value features in The Times, The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Financial Times, and the Epoch Times. We also continue to achieve strong coverage in a variety of mid-value publications including The Saturday Express Magazine, The Guardian and Horse & Hound.






This month’s circulation was 9,707,034 which is lower compared to June 2018 where the circulation was 7,409,901. We had more mentions this year compared to previous years. We have received larger pieces of coverage in the national press this month.



Online Coverage (MUU)


MUU was 911,267,034 in June. It is significantly higher than the MUU figure for June 2017, which was 288,343,67. MUU increased as we had a higher number of online features this month in national online publications that have a large audience.







TOTAL FOLLOWERS               June: 15,096                       May:  15,073                                                              

TOTAL TWEETS                        June: 14,673                       May:  14,452                                                               

  • We tweeted 191 times in June. We engaged with several of the themes of the month and scheduled posts to go live on the weekends and in the evening.  

  • We continue to tweet a mixture of properties on the market, property news, Fine & Country news, lifestyle and interior tweets. Our competitions have been very successful in increasing our followers and engagement on Twitter.



TOTAL LIKES June: 15,071
By the end of June, we had 559 new likes on the Fine & Country page, which is a good month.

  • Our posts continue to be very engaging. People continue to tag their friends in posts, which increases the reach of each post. We’ve found that our followers are more likely to interact with job advertisements, while competitions are the best way to attract new followers.  

  • F&C offices continue to boost posts, giving us additional promotion at no cost.

  • Competitions have been the most effective way to gain followers on Facebook.

  • We used our additional social media budget of &500 per month to promote more blog posts, and are experimenting with new ways to drive traffic to the website as GDPR restricts our contact base. 

The most successful posts in June:

Facebook boosts
We continue to see an increase in the number of offices who want to have their own Facebook boosts, including several job adverts for offices where engagement continues to increase. 
How to boost a post
1. Decide which property you would like to boost and how much you would like to spend – you can spend anything from &20 to &1,000, but we recommend a minimum of &50. 

2. Contact with the following information:

  • URL link to the property on the F&C website

  • Three images of the property

  • Date for the post to go live

  • How much you want spend 

3. We can discuss area targeting with you. You can choose to target the whole of the country or within 30-70kms of your office or the property. 

4. Let us know if there are any specific tags that you would like to include. Our normal tags include keywords such as ‘luxury, property, estate agent’. Let us know if you would like to add any relevant to the specific property e.g. barn conversion, city living. 

5. That’s it! Check the Fine & Country Facebook page to see the engagement. We can send a full report of engagement after the campaign if you would like. The expense will be charged directly to your office via the Fine & Country accounts department. 

This guide goes through our most common type of Facebook advertisement. If you would like to discuss other options, please get in touch with

  • Number of followers in June: 3,228 (May: 3,150)

  • Most clicked on post: Fine & Country Sevenoaks have a new Fine & Country car - keep an eye out for it if you're in the area! Here it is outside their office, next to the country's only listed duck pond, which the team are sponsoring this summer with a ring of remembrance. (77 clicks).

  • Most impressions: Have you booked your complimentary tickets to the 10th anniversary of the Fine & Country Gold Cup? Don't miss out on a fantastic day for all the family full of Pimm's and polo >> (1,846 impressions).

  • Most engaging post overall: Fine & Country Sevenoaks have a new Fine & Country car - keep an eye out for it if you're in the area! Here it is outside their office, next to the country's only listed duck pond, which the team are sponsoring this summer with a ring of remembrance. (12.097%).

The blog:


  • We have subscribed to Ahrefs, which should help us improve the SEO of the website, partially through blog content. We have received training and learned to work with this new technology, and are using it to fix the website to make it run as smoothly as possible. We hope this hard work will show in the improving figures in the coming months.

  • Target: We had 26,170 total page views in June. This was our highest this year. We will continue to repost on social media evergreen content that will hopefully continue to boost our blog views.

Top posts on the blog:


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Top 20 Georgian gems for sale    


Britain’s top 20 prettiest summer villages




If you have any interesting anecdotes or story angles to share about the properties you are associated with do not hesitate to contact the Media Centre on 020 7409 8402 or email




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