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June website report

The Fine & Country website is being consistently reviewed and improved, aiming to drive traffic and increase valuation requests. Below you can see the statistics that show the success that the website has achieved during June 2018.

Audience Overview


There has been an increase in the overall number of visits to the site with 257,292 sessions in June 2018, a 13.88% increase compared to June of last year. We've also had a 9.93% increase in users compared to last year as well, with 74.3% of them being new users so once again June proves to be a good month for us in terms of the number of visitors to our website.



During June 2018 the majority of visitors to the website have come from the UK accounting for 143,766 users. The UK is followed by South Africa with 15,796 users. Finally, we have the United States at number three with 4,808 users and a massive 76.18 increase in users.




In comparison to June of last year, mobile visits have increased by 30.36%. Desktop usage, however, has seen a decrease of 8.63% along with tablets. We can anticipate both mobile and the usage of tablets increase moving forward and desktops continuing to decline.






The most engaged group is the 45-54 age range so far this year with an average session duration of 3m.43 seconds, followed by 35-44-year-olds with an average session of 3m 37s. The 45 - 54 age group also takes the top spot for the largest volume of visitors at 18,829 in June 2018.


*Blue - 2018

*Orange - 2017





Facebook is the biggest generator of social traffic bringing in 28,718 visitors over the course of June 2018. This is a significant amount of traffic which will only continue to grow throughout the year through marketing. 






Yomdel Live Chat 


  May-18 Jun-18
  Total Percent Total Percent
Number of chats 1,057   1,054  
Leads Sent 325 31% 305 29%
Non-Lead 732 69% 749 71%
Lead Opportunities (inc multiple enquiries) 369   336  
Seller 139 38% 120 36%
Landlord 11 3% 10 3%
Landlord (BTL) 0 0% 2 1%
Buyer 215 58% 202 60%
Tenant 2 1% 2 1%
Franchise 0 0% 0 0%
Mortgage interest 2 1% 0 0%
Messages 0 0% 0 0%
Out of hours chats 499 47% 549 52%
Average chat length (overall) mins 7   7  
Average chat length (lead) mins 13   13  
Average first response time secs 12   12  
Average response time during chat secs 28   28  
Overall Customer Satisfaction 98%   100%  



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