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June national market report

Impress your customers with your knowledge of the market
July national report now available

Use our national market report to give you the best insight into the national marketplace and increase valuation requests.


Click here to view the July market report. 

The data – powered by ResiAnalytics

The monthly national report and quarterly regional reports are free and can be downloaded from the Member’s Hub, or if you would like to take them out on appointments, printed copies can be ordered.

Minimum quantity 50 copies:


&40 +VAT



&65 +VAT


To order your printed report, please contact the Studio on 01223 361 720 or at

For an in-depth analysis of your local area, you can also purchase bespoke local reports at &125 each + VAT, which you can use to impress your target audience and increase business opportunities. The local reports include 500 words and four graphs, but there is an extra cost to have this designed as a booklet or other marketing material. The details:
  • Each report costs &125 + VAT (excluding design costs)
  • When you sign up, you will need to commit to either one full year with quarterly reports, or if you choose to do monthly reports, offices are required to commit for three months.
  • You can provide a maximum of five postcodes for the specific area of your local report.
  • The report consists of four charts and 500 words.
  • To receive your report by the 25th of the month, you will need to request the report by the 13th of that month.
  • Please contact the team at Park Lane for more details on the local report and purchasing options on 0207 079 1515 or email

Spread the word

These reports are not only useful for your own knowledge but can be used to promote your business on social media, blogs and through front doors. We will provide you with text and graphs to:

  • Write articles using the data and statistics to increase your brand awareness and drive business. Simply upload the articles on your website’s news or blogs page.
  • Share the graphs and results on social media. The Media Centre will happily help you promote the statistics from your report and help attract your local target area.
  • Target the right buyer with your statistics through a direct mail campaign. Use the results from the survey and match with a bespoke message to create a successful campaign.
  • Showcase the local data through a mini-mag. Please contact the Studio at to order a mini mag showcasing your local data and in-depth knowledge.
  • Promote the data of your regional report in The Collection magazine, as it targets those directly in your area.
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