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Fine & Country Foreign Exchange

We are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of a new foreign exchange service, created for the benefit of your clients buying and selling properties around the world.
The service will be powered by IFX, which is one of the world’s leading foreign exchange consultancies. With 11 years industry expertise providing highly cost effective and bespoke currency solutions for their clients, IFX has developed a range of the best partnership structures in the industry with its technology leading partner portal.
Value for your business;
• Senior dealers helping your clients to complete their transactions
• You will directly receive a share on all profits generated from all referrals
• Dedicated Senior Partnership manager and portal feeding you updates on your clients
• Personalised discount FX solutions for your business requirements
Value for Your Buyers and Vendors transacting internationally;
• Access to preferential wholesale exchange rates
• Dedicated, personal service
• Expert market information and insights
• Fast, secure transfers
• Flexible settlement terms
• Significant cost savings
We would like to introduce Yvonne Pexton, a senior manager within the Partnerships division of IFX. Yvonne will be attending our International Conference on 8th July at the Belfry along with head of Partnerships Laura Lucas. They will both be pleased to meet you all and give you more information about the service.
This provision is optional. You can register with IFX with no fee and no obligation, but the choice to utilise their professional services:
For more information, please email or call Fine & Country at IFX 0203 301 7261.
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