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Website performance report

The Fine & Country website is being consistently reviewed and improved, aiming to drive traffic and increase valuation requests. Recently, the blog was added to the main site, new pages were created with an event section and a microsite for the Foundation. Here are the recent results.


Audience Overview 

> There has been a significant increase in the number of visits to the site (Google Analytics now calls these sessions) since April 2015. The total number of sessions has increased to 186,268, an increase of 10.64% over last year (when the number was 168,354).

> Likewise, the numbers of users has increased by 9.83% since April 2015



It is interesting to note that traffic from the Spain, France, Canada & the UAE is converting at a much higher rate than UK visitors. Are these particular hotspots for investment from abroad at the moment and can anything be done to encourage more of these visitors?




> Desktops account for 41.06% of visits, tablets for 28.1% & mobiles for 30.84%
> There was a significant increase in the proportion of mobile sessions which increased far in excess of the proportional increase in visitors. Mobile visits increased 21.92% compared to April 2015
> The engagement for desktops & tablets is much greater: these groups spend longer on the site, convert better & are less likely to bounce than mobile traffic
> Both desktop & tablet traffic spend over 5 minutes on the site on average with mobile traffic spending 2m 56s on average



> The most engaged group is the 55-64 age range (5.04 pages per session & average session duration of 5m 12s)
> The 45 – 54 age group provide the largest volume of visitors (24,057)
> The chart below compares traffic with the number of valuation requests (rather than the total number of goals as valuation requests are more valuable to the company). The 55-64 age group provided the largest number of valuation requests, followed by the 45-54 & 65+ age group





> Facebook is the biggest generator of social traffic with 9,256 visits. These social visits are not as engaged as the site average (the average average time on site for Facebook visitors is 49 seconds which compares poorly to the site average of 4m 30 secs but has increased from 36 seconds at the end of last year
> There were over 254% more sessions via social referral compared to last year which is a significant increase. Most of this seems to have been generated by an increase in Facebook traffic
> Twitter’s traffic also increased from 139 to 1,097 visitors



Referral Traffic

> Referral traffic is up 57.96% over the last 12 months. A large proportion of this seems to have been driven by increases in traffic from Facebook
> The Guardian sent an increase in traffic of 55.5% (1,003 visits compared to 645 last year



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