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April was a successful month for the Media Centre, with the highest EAV and number of mentions in national publications in 2016. Online coverage is also the best is has ever been, thanks to the use of new online portals to distribute the news. Social media also continues to be strong. Facebook received a total of 116 new likes, bringing the total number of likes to 4,736. Twitter followers increased by 264, taking the number of followers to 6,980. The Fine & Country blog had a total of 11,475 views in April.


Competitions have been very successful on social media. The cake competition and A Place in the Sun competition have increased brand awareness and interactions with our customers. The current competition is the Garden Competition which was launched on 1st May. Make sure you are sharing, liking it, tweeting it and any social media activities you can think of!



Compared to last month, the EAV (Equivalent Advertising Value) increased to &489,603. Fine & Country were mentioned 43 times in the papers, which is our best so far in 2016. Fine & Country was featured six times in The Financial Times and nine times in The Times amongst others.



Circulation remains the same as last month 18,376,630. This is due to coverage being received in media with smaller circulation figures than usual (i.e. The Times has a circulation of 396,621 compared to The Sunday Times' 762,939).





It has been our best month for online coverage for the past year. This is due to utilising new portals to distribute articles, resulting in coverage in the Mail Online, The Metro and other international websites such as The New York Times.







TOTAL FOLLOWERS     April: 7,244       (March: 6,980) 


We increase the number of followers by 264 and tweeted 279 times.

The A Place in the Sun competition was very successful with 145 retweets, 22 favourites and 7,019 impressions. Competitions are working very well on social media, so make the most of the current garden competition which started on 1st May.



By the end of April we had a total likes on the Facebook page of 4,736 (116 more than last month).

The A Place in the Sun competition reached 11,369 people, 454 reactions, 25 comments, 83 shares. From May to August, we will be promoting the garden competition and the Gold Cup with pinned posts. Make sure you Like, Share, Comments and invite your customers.


The most successful posts in March:

• Top reach: We are giving away 25 pairs of tickets to A Place in the Sun Live (11,369 reach)

• Most engaging post: We are giving away 25 pairs of tickets to A Place in the Sun Live (454 reactions, comments and shares)

• Top 5 most engaged posts:  I'll drink to that - Your very own wine cellar (267), The Queen decided to drive by Fine & Country Windsor on her birthday (256), Fine & Country Portugal opens new office in Porto (175), Do you know your Georgian to your Tudor? Property Quiz(132) Happy Birthday to Her Majesty The Queen (96).



Fine & Country Blog


 There was a total of 11475 views.


Top posts in April on blog:




Top 10 property hotspots


Top 20 Georgian Gems


Property quiz; guess when these homes were built


Property quiz; guess the value of these homes


 Home page




The number of followers increased in March to 1,700 (March 1,630). We have increased corporate content on LinkedIn to attract potential licensees and industry experts.

• Most clicked on post: Our Park Lane team have joined together to run a 10k in aid of homeless women (45 clicks)

• Most impressions: Our Park Lane team have joined together to run a 10k in aid of homeless women (3,671 impressions)

• Most engaging post overall: We welcome new team members Megan Weavers and Karlee Gonzalez: (2.09 %)



If you have any interesting anecdotes or story angles to share about the properties you are associated with do not hesitate to contact the Media Centre on 020 7409 8402 or email

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