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Fine & Country Brand Awareness Survey

 Pre-TV Campaign Brand Awareness Survey
Pre and post TV campaign brand awareness surveys are carried out to measure the success of the TV campaign. A comparison between both surveys will be used to measure any changes in the way consumers see the brand, and determine if the TV campaign contributed to increasing brand awareness.

The pre brand awareness survey was carried out at the end of February, before the advert was launched. The results were so good, we thought we would share them with you.


A few facts about the survey


- Carried out via independent survey software SurveyMonkey
- Just over 500 people participates
- The survey was sent to the following demographics
- Over 35
- Household income: &50,000 +
- Home owners
- Living in the UK


A few great answers for you to share with your customers.


Out of the people who have used Fine & Country;
- 46% chose Fine & Country for the quality of property marketing (followed by 20% for correctly valuing the property). Fine & Country offers a wide platform to promote someone's property and this certainly works in our favour as to why Fine & Country are picked over competitors
- 100% said they would recommend the service of Fine & Country to a family or friend. What a fantastic testimonial to the quality of our customer service.



When asked what first came to mind when they thought of Fine & Country, many answers used phrases such as 'good service', 'luxury', 'quality', and 'authentic'. The aesthetic of what Fine & Country wants to conceive correlates with what the public perceive about the brand.


There are many more interesting facts and figures in the survey, which you can download here.


Please note that this document if for internal use only and must not be reproduced.


Another survey will be carried out once the advert is off screen. We will share the results with you as soon as receive them.

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