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Need something to tweet about, or a paragraph for Facebook? Take a look at the latest Fine & Country press releases, now loaded on the website.


To increase the Fine & Country media profile and make it easier for journalists to learn about our latest news, we have added a new Media Centre page on the Fine & Country website. The Media Centre link is live under the 'About us' tab at the top of and also has its own tab under Alternatively to go and take a look, you can click here.


To link a release to your tweet, it is possible to cut and paste the URL (web address) directly, however, it will be a long string of complicated letters and numbers, using most of your characters. URL’s can be shortened by pasting them into the converter here, leaving you with a neat link and more space for your tweet. You can use the same tiny URL on Facebook or in emails. Also on Twitter, please do add @Fineandcountry in your press release and property related tweets. This ensures that your tweets appear across the Fine & Country followers network.


Hashtags are also important to increase your readership. Adding #Fineandcountry means your tweets will be grouped with all other tweets about Fine & Country. You can add other hashtags about the topic of your tweet as well. For example, in talking about Fine & Country Golf, if you hashtag #Fineandcountry #Golf, anyone looking for Fine & Country will see your tweet, alongside anyone searching for golf news, expanding your audience.



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