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Fine & Country website overview – April- August 2015

There are currently 4,848 properties on

August has been an incredibly successful month with more traffic on the Fine & Country website than ever before.


April  May  June   July August
168,354  180,977  168,002   156,463 184,164

Unique Users

April  May  June   July August
119,907  128,694  119,390    110,790 130,931

% New Sessions

April  May  June   July August
60.75%  60.31%  59.60%   58.78% 60.39%


August report 

60.39% of visitors in August were new to the website, which means that over 130,931 people are new to Fine & Country during that month.

Traffic sources


Traffic sources help us to identify how the end consumers are searching online for the Fine & Country brand and our properties whether it be through a search engine, direct use of the URL or an alternative method. We can see the breakdown of how consumers arrive at the Fine & Country site below.

The pie chart reveals that the most common traffic source (69.9%) is via search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. This method is known as organic and is essentially the best type of traffic as it means the Fine & Country site is easy for the consumer to find regardless of whether they have previous knowledge of the brand or not.

Digital campaigns and social media accounts for circa 3.5% of the total traffic in August, growing from 3.0% in July.

Although the traffic from social media and digital campaigns seem low, these activities are mainly undertaken to increase brand awareness and stay in the customer’s mind. These communications are seen by hundreds of thousands of potential customers.

By seeing the brand in different forms on different media, customers will remember Fine & Country when selling their homes. These activities are also great USPs when trying to win an instruction. 



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