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Tips and success Stories: 'driving valuations'


The Fine & Country network is full of property experts, with each person having a wealth of untapped knowledge.

The 'Tips and Success Stories' section of the newsletter is written with the aim of sharing this knowledge with the network to help better ourselves and our practice.

Sean Newman's Top Tip! 














"As you know I am a big advocate of having a company logo on cars. Not only is it great advertising/brand awareness but I have won a number of listing directly from people seeing the logo on my car and approaching me.

Yesterday my son parked his branded car at Rugby train station and someone put a note under the windscreen wiper asking us to contact them about selling their parent's house.

Unfortunately the property is not in our area, however we were able to send a referral to Fine & Country Cumbria which should result in a listing and some referral commission.

This is proof that adding the Fine & Country logo to your car can help promote the brand and generate listings."

Sean Newman, Fine & Country from Newmans


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