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Important information on Direct Mail addressees


In order to protect our licensees, we have sought further clarification on the laws around sending Direct Mail to a named person.

Unless the recipient has expressly opted in to receive marketing from the registered company, it is against the law to address Direct Mail to a named person using personal data.

Data that is freely available (e.g. on the electoral roll) is also off limits for marketing purposes, and addressing Direct Mail to named persons using these sources is in breach of data protection laws.

Any company seen to breach the laws could come under examination from the Information Commissioner’s Office.

To ensure our licensees are protected against these data protection laws, we have updated the system on the Digital Hub. From now on, your choice of addressee will be between ‘The Occupier’, ‘The Homeowner’ and 'The Legal Owner'. This is on all Direct Mail including laminated mail and material sent in an envelope. However, if you have permission from the individuals in your own database to send them direct marketing material; you can upload the personal data when you make an order.

Please note: The law does not prohibit the user from profiling the data and targeting specific households, as long as they are not addressed using personal names.  

If you have any questions, please contact Fine & Country Park Lane on 020 7079 1515.

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