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Advertising schedule for the Financial Times

We announced in the last Fine & Country Bulletin an exciting new advertising opportunity for 2015.

Fine & Country will advertise four boxes once a month in the Financial Times 'House & Home' Section, excluding August and December, to increase brand awareness and advertise exclusive properties to the wealthy FT readership.

Thethe UK National Advertising Fund will sponsor three boxes a month. The Head Office marketing team will select three of our finest properties every month to advertise in the publication. However, if you have a property you want to advertise in the FT, you have the opportunity to purchase a box on an ad-hoc basis. 

Price and availability

&375 per slot.

Advertising in the publication will start in February.

Copy deadlines and publication dates

Copy deadline

Publication date

2nd February

21st February

9th March

28th March

6th April

25th April

4th May

23rd May

1st June

20th June

29th June

18th July

7th September

26th September

5th October

24th October

2nd November

21st November


The Financial Times: The facts

Circulation: 214,458 (Worldwide) | Readership: 676,200

• The FT is the leading international newspaper.

• The FT’s weekend property section ‘House & Home’ is the World’s only internationally focussed and globally distributed weekly property supplement and therefore is very strong for the overseas market.

• As well as offering a global audience, the key distinction with the FT is that it also offers penetration into the UK city markets, as the FT is the highest read title in the city.

• The FT audience:
                     - Average income of &150k (69% earn 50k and above, 11% earn &250k)

                     - 81% male

                     - Average age of 51

If you have any questions or would like to participate, please call Emilie Despois on 020 7079 1515 or email
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