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An opportunity to advertise in the Financial Times

An opportunity has arisen for your office to advertise in the Financial TimesHouse & Home section.

The International Steering Committee, which comprises representatives from all countries Fine & Country operate from, has enquired about advertising properties in the FT. Fine & Country will advertise four boxes once a month, excluding August and December, to increase brand awareness and advertise exclusive properties to the wealthy FT readership.

The NAC will sponsor three boxes a month. The Head Office marketing team will select three of our finest properties every month to advertise in the publication. However, if you have a property you want to advertise in the FT, you have the opportunity to purchase a box on an ad-hoc basis. 

Price and availability

&375 per slot.

Advertising in the publication will start in February. Dates will be confirmed soon.

The Financial Times: The facts

Circulation: 214,458 (Worldwide) | Readership: 676,200

• The FT is the leading international newspaper.

• The FT’s weekend property section ‘House & Home’ is the World’s only internationally focussed and globally distributed weekly property supplement and therefore is very strong for the overseas market.

• As well as offering a global audience, the key distinction with the FT is that it also offers penetration into the UK city markets, as the FT is the highest read title in the city.

• The FT audience:
                     - Average income of &150k (69% earn 50k and above, 11% earn &250k)

                     - 81% male

                     - Average age of 51

If you have any questions or would like to participate, please call Emilie Despois on 020 7079 1515 or email
 by Friday 23rd January.
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