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Are you advertising on Horse & Hound?

Earlier this year, we announced that all Fine & Country equestrian properties can be advertised on the Horse & Hound website for the duration of a year as par of your national marketing fund.

In order for your equestrian properties to remain active on the Horse & Hound website for the entire year, free of charge, it is important to email the advert code to either Tessa (, Tim ( or Leila ( to request an extension on their usual month long advertising period. Unfortunately, the Horse & Hound website does not take feed, which does not allow us to do this for you automatically.

In recent weeks, we have noticed the number of Fine & Country properties on the Horse & Hound website decrease, due people forgetting this important step.

If you have uploaded any equestrian properties to the Horse & Hound website, please double check they are still live by logging in and looking at the expired properties.

To check your properties are still live, to renew an expired properties, or to upload a new equestrian property on the Horse & Hound website, please click here and follow the instructions.

NB: if you renew any properties you MUST email Tessa, Tim or Leila and request for them to be active for the entire year,

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