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The National Marketing Fund for 2015


In 2014, the National Marketing Fund provided the network with innovative national marketing and advertising campaigns and the highest level of exposure the brand has ever achieved. Our challenge in 2015 is to continue to increase brand awareness and exposure for your properties.

The National Marketing Fund was set up to complement your local and regional efforts and this has been an extraordinary success for the entire network. For an affordable monthly contribution, every licensee has enjoyed a magnification effect of over 1000% return on investment. This is an extraordinary achievement and represents one of the greatest benefits of being part of the network. This value is leveraged further thanks to even greater discounts that can be obtained from such a significant annual spend.

During October and November, the National Advisory Council (NAC) in association with the IT and Marketing committees have carefully assessed the marketing plan for next year and evaluated the best and most effective way to invest the fund to the maximum benefit of every licensee.

In doing so, advice has been sought from media experts and the performance of each campaign from 2014 has been closely reviewed. The main point of discussion was the fact that general advertising trends see print audiences in a gradual decline and digital audiences progressively rising.


The national titles are continually investing enormous budgets within both their website and tablet formats to ensure they meet the demand and expectations from their audience to maintain them.

Print products are seeing investment as the newspapers continually refine their offerings to ensure they are current and cost effective, but this now trails the level of investment as in their digital offering. The national titles are view their audience as a single ‘one audience sell’ across both platforms to ensure that advertisers are able to reach the fullest possible audience.

News International (The Times and Sunday Times) have led this progression and announced that it is now obligatory to buy a tablet insertion alongside print advertising. It is anticipated that other national titles are likely to follow and by 2016/17 it might not be possible to buy print advertising without digital along side.

In order to stay ahead of our competition and to ensure that we interact with our target audience, the National Marketing Fund will provide for a continuous digital campaign over the key marketing periods.

We are very pleased and excited to present the conclusions and recommendations below, including the main components of the campaign for 2015:


1) To maintain the advertising strategy trialled in the last quarter of 2014. Therefore, the national advertising in 2015 will be as follows:


  • 11 double page spreads and 8 single pages in The Sunday Times
  • 11 full broadsheet pages in The Saturday Telegraph
  • 9 single pages in The Times
  • 11 single pages in the Evening Standard
  • 13 double page spreads in Horse & Hound
  • 4 pages in Town & Country




    • 30 adverts in the Home section of The Sunday Times iPad app
    • 9 adverts in the Bricks & Mortar section of The Times iPad app
    • All properties advertised on the Country Life website
    • All equestrian properties advertised on the Horse & Hound website
    • Digital Campaigns in the Telegraph, Times and Sunday Times websites, with links to the Fine & Country website, valuation request and contact forms


    2) To continue advertising all your properties on property portals in 30 countries over five continents using the WorldPosting platform.

    3) To continue supporting the Buyer’s Database powered by Brief Your Market

    4) To invest in website re-targeting meaning that people who visited the Fine & Country website are reminded of their searches by serving adverts whilst they are visiting other websites.

    5) To continue to support the Media Centre and copywriter, and build on the excellent press coverage that they have been able to secure for the Fine & Country brand and member firms during the

    The Marketing Committee and the NAC feel that this is a strong and robust plan that will ensure that Fine & Country will continue to regularly reach a high percentage of its target market, giving individual member firms a strong list of unique selling points when competing for instructions and justifying higher commission rates. With this in mind, the NAC has now committed to this plan for the coming 12 months (January to December 2015).

    All &250 paying licensees (&250 per licence per month but with no property space) now have the opportunity to upgrade their participation and significantly increase their coverage and value for money by becoming &500 paying members (&500 per licence/per month with regular advertising space).

    To upgrade your contribution to the fund, please email before Monday 15th December, 4pm.

    Please note that precise details of the national advertising schedule will then be shared with the network. Please note if notification is not received before this date, your contribution will remain as it is currently for the whole of 2015.

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