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A guide to referrals


As part of an international network, you have the potential to refer customers to other Fine & Country offices in over 275 locations worldwide.

The main benefit of the referral system for you is of course financial - Fine & Country agents that use the referral system argue that it is the easiest additional revenue they can earn. Furthermore, referrals add value to your listing proposal because you are able to showcase all of the properties on sale within the network (over 5,000 of them!) to potential buyers.

Fine & Country has the ability to facilitate your referrals via a simple system, making the process fast, easy and reliable.

All you need to do is to enter the details of an applicant using the referral system, and your Referral Manager based in Park Lane will do the rest, regularly contacting you to keep you updated with the progress of your referral.


Step by step guide

Step 1.

Log into the Members Hub and click on the UK flag.

Click on the referral icon in the top right hand corner.



Step 2 - Making the referral

Start making a referral by clicking on the ‘Make a Referral’ icon.


a) Make a vendor referral

Click on the ‘Looking to Sell’ Icon.

Fill out the Vendor Details Form and click ‘Save referral’. Make sure you click on ‘Confirm permission obtained’ which confirms the seller agreed for you to pass on their information to another office.



b) Make a buyer referral

Click on ‘Looking to Buy’.

Fill out the Applicant Details Form.

Click on ‘Confirm permission obtained’ which confirms the seller agreed for you to pass on their information to another office. Click on ‘Save Referral’.



Step 3 – Manage and check your referral progress

Click on ‘Manage Existing Referrals’.

Choose whether you want to view/edit a vendor or seller referral.

The status of each referral is indicated on the right-hand side of the page. Status options are as illustrated below.

By clicking on each of the column headings, you are able to sort your referral by status, date added, name and address.




What happens next?

As soon as you make a vendor or buyer referral, your referral will be sent to a referral case manager at Fine & Country Head Office. The case manager will qualify the referral and send it to the appropriate agent.

The case manager will then ensure that the referral is being followed up properly and in a timely manner, providing an excellent service to your customer.

If the referral is not being accepted and followed up by the office within 48hours, the referral is sent to the next closest office to the area the customer is living or interested in.

The agent receiving the referral simply needs to add notes to the system or change the status of the referral each time contact with the customer has been made.

Once the referral has come to fruition and legal completion has taken place, a referral fee will be paid.

In the event of a sale, the agent who exchanges must pay 25% of the commission earned to the referring agent.

NB - There will also be a 5% fee payable by each party to Fine & Country for the use and management of the system.


If you have any questions about the referral system, please contact us on 020 7079 1515 or email

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