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Fine & Country's advertising and what to tell your vendors


Recent months have seen a wide range of new marketing initiatives become available to Fine & Country agents. It is important you understand what marketing tools you can offer your sellers to help you secure more listings and command higher fees.

The digital campaign


Property websites

The digital campaign, which was launched on the 29th August 2014, markets all Fine & Country properties on four main property newspaper websites until 28th October:


The digital campaign targets UK IP addresses to help maximise its delivery to the desired audience. It also targets the behaviour of users, such as those visiting content connected to property, as well as personal finance and mortgages. This means your clients' properties are seen by the right people.

The integration of Fine & Country on the Daily Telegraph Online, Financial Times Online and The Times and Sunday Times Online, will also establish Fine & Country lifestyle departments. The user friendly pop-up enables customers to search for properties suitable to their lifestyle, such as; waterside, golf, equestrian, city, country, international and new homes.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to request a valuation, search for their closest Fine & Country office and access all Fine & Country properties with the search facility on

Country Life and Horse & Hound online 

All Fine & Country properties are advertised on the Country Life website and all equestrian properties are advertised on the Horse & Hound website for the duration of a year. If you want your property (with equestrian facility) to be advertised on the Horse & Hound website, please click here

Horse & Hound Online
Website stats : Homepage: 1,018,839 unique users | 10,680,530 page impressions
Property search page: 79,057 uniqu
e users | 382,432 page impressions

Country Life Online
Website Stats: 330,000 unique users | 2.3 million page impressions

61% Country Life readers are AB with 70% of the readers looking at the title specifically for a property section. 1 in 3 of Country Life readers are looking to buy a house in the next 12 months. With a global reach across 200 countries more than 80% of Country Life's pages viewed are property related.


Fine & Country has entered into a new partnership with Worldposting, an international network of property portals. As a result, Fine & Country properties will be showcased to a large international audience of potential buyers.

Taking data from the Fine & Country website, Worldposting shares each property on the market with Fine & Country via 65 property portals across 30 countries. Furthermore, property details are translated into the native language of each individual country. Your property will not just been seen by an international market, but also understood.

Sunday Times iPad advertisement

By advertising in the Sunday Times iPad advertisement, all Fine & Country properties can be accessed via the app. Not only is your property advertised to a targeted audience (the average household income of the Sunday Times App subscribers is &60,000+), it is also presented in an interactive way that traditional newspaper advertising cannot provide. Readers can view property details, from pictures to location maps, and easily request viewings all from within the app itself.

The Sunday Times is downloaded 91,000 times a week on average. 78.7% of these users are social class group AB. One of the top activities iPad users take part in is reading newspapers and 1 in 3 iPad users take their iPad outside of the home.

The print campaign

In addition to our regular advertising in the Daily Telegraph, The Time
s and The Sunday Times, between September and November 2014, Fine & Country will be advertising in Horse & Hound, the Evening Standard and in the special Waterside edition of the Daily Telegraph. Advertising country and city properties, the campaign aims at increasing valuation requests by reaching an extended audience.

Horse and Hound Magazine
Circulation: 44,458 | Readership: 203,000

Horse and Hound is a 130 year old publication dedicated to the equestri
an audience that engages with both amateurs and professionals in the equestrian industry and offers them editorial to meet their needs. 31% of the audience are AB and the readers have an average income of &62,035. 76% of the Horse and Hound readers are members of equestrian clubs or associations and own three horses on average.

Evening Standard
Circulation: 897,489 | Readership: 1.5 million

The Evening Standard property section is published every Wednesday and is widely considered as the London property paper of choice. It is distributed free of charge on a daily basis throughout London and the suburbs as well as an exclusive delivery of 30,000 copies to Canary Wharf. Over 70% AB adults read the title on a daily basis.

Daily Telegraph
Circulation: 697,999 | Readership: 1,693,000

The Daily Telegraph is a very strong national property title that reaches a particularly affluent audience. The property section is published every Saturday and features all the latest news in the marketplace, overseas property, as well as interior and design. 87% are ABC readers and have a strong interest in reading about property and luxury living. One in five Brits who own a second home are Daily Telegraph readers and 101,000 readers are looking to buy or sell their property in the next year.

The Sunday Times
Circulation: 840,501 | Readership: 2,521,503

Every Sunday, more copies are printed of the Sunday Times than the Sunday Telegraph, Independent on Sunday and Observer combined. 83% are AB readers and 86% are ABC1 readers. A quarter of AB adults who are interested in reading about property read the Sunday Times. 46% are in the process of buying their home, with 37% owning their home outright.

The Times
Circulation: 378,947 | Readership: 1,136,841

The Times is the number 1 quality daily title for ABC1 adults 25-44. 87% of people who read The Times are ABC1 and the readers have an average household income of &45,000.

If you have any questions about any of the new advertising initiatives, please call the Park Lane team on 020 7409 8402.

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