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July has been the most successful and exciting PR month this year; we welcomed two new members to the team, Louise Clarke and Nicola Laggett and our figures were all sky high!

Coverage in national and international publications is at its highest. We were featured three times this month in the Financial Times, five times in the Wall Street Journal, and four times in The Sunday Times.


July was our second most successful month this year in terms of financial worth. This success is due to consistent coverage in national publications such as The Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph and Daily express, and international publications such as The Epoch Times, Financial Times and Wall Street Journal.


Circulation in July was the highest it has been since September last year, a great achievement for the Media Centre.


Monthly Unique Users, which refers to the success of our online coverage, has been very high each month this year. This is due to fantastic and consistent coverage on MSN Money, Yahoo Finance, The Sunday Times Online, The Telegraph Online, The Wall Street Journal Online and The Daily Mail Online.


Since May 2014, the Media Centre have focussed on increasing the number of properties, comments and stories sent to regional, national and international property journalists. The number of proactive pitches have increased dramatically; this is great news as proactive pitches are often more successful with journalists resulting in a higher Equivalent Advertising Value.


Our likes increased in July from 3,431 to 3,478.
Engagement with our posts has increased this month from 10,419 to 20,876.

Top posts:

Top reach - "Open house: 14 bedroom hotel in South Devon"
Reach: 2,700 people

Most engaging post - "#100happydays Gallery of the Fine & Country International Conference" 749 clicks, 18 likes and 2 shares


TOTAL FOLLOWERS July, 4,270 (June 4,183)
TOTAL TWEETS July, 4,820 (June 4,669)

- We had 87 new followers this month.
- We aim for 100 new followers a month.
- We tweeted 151 times in July.




Top coverage in July



Publication: Financial Times
Date: 5th July
Office: Cannes
EAV: &11,737
Circulation: 220,724


Publication: The Epoch Times
Date: 10th July
Office: Swansea
EAV: &53,000
Circulation: 990,850


Publication: The Sunday Times
Date: 13th July
Office: Solihull
EAV: &90,000
Circulation: 817,642


If you have any beautiful, interesting properties please contact the Media Centre on 020 7409 8402.

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