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EAV has remained very high in June. This is due to excellent coverage in regional, national and international publications. For example, Fine & Country were featured 7 times in The Sunday Times in June, and 9 time in The Sunday Times online. In total we were mentioned 37 times by national newspapers!


Circulation has increased to more than &15,000,000. Circulation, which refers to how many copies were printed of the coverage, was very high due to a lot of coverage in national and international publications. For example, we were published in The Epoch Times 4 times in June, with each issue being printed 990,000 times.



Monthly Unique Users, which refers to the number of people who visit a website each month, has reduced this month due to an unusually successful month in May. MUU still remains high with our online coverage being viewed more than 300,000,000 times.


The Media Centre has sent 258 Fine & Country properties and comment June compared to 185 in May. We have sent these comments and properties to a wide range of national, regional, international and consumer publications, as well as property websites and trade journalists.



This month, our Likes on Facebook increased from 3,415 to 3,500!

After using the hashtag #100happydays and implementing the polo Facebook competition, engagement with our posts has also increased.

We are now doing a ‘Caption Competition’ post, which is posted every Tuesday. Each time, we upload a funny image taken at a Fine & Country event and ask you to comment the funniest, most imaginative caption you can think of.

Click here to view the most recent post and have a go at making us laugh out loud!

We still need you to Like, Share and Comment on our posts, the more we interact with one another, the better!


We achieved 55 new followers this month!

Please tweet us and retweet us to get the twittesphere talking about Fine & Country. Use the hashtags #fineandcountry #FandCFoundation #FCPolo #FCBigWeekend



June's top coverage







Publication: The Epoch Times
Title: Marbella’s New Trends
Date: 19th June
Agent: Fine & Country Marbella
EAV: &40,002
Circulation: 990,850
Publication: The Daily Express
Title: Hold your horses
Date: 14th June
Agent: Webbers Fine & Country
EAV: &3,750
Circulation: 602,491

Publication: The Sunday Times
Title: Manor of the Week
Date: 15th June
Agent: Webbers Fine & Country
EAV: &15,000
Circulation: 817,200


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