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Following on from a successful month in April, the Media Centre has continued to deliver excellent results in May, with Equivalent Advertising Value increasing by more than &100,000.


EAV has increased this month. May was a particularly successful due to coverage in national and international publications such as; The Sunday Times, The Epoch Times, The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Express.




We achieved coverage in various national and international publications which reach are read by Fine & Country targeted audience, such as 4 times in The Sunday Times and also 4 times in The Daily Telegraph.




Monthly Unique Users, which refers to the number of people who visit a website each month, has increased hugely from 587,050,513 to 1,347,673,169. MMU was high due to a story on the Wall Street Journal, attracting more than 31,100,000 monthly unique visitors and also 3 property features on MSN Money which attracts approximately 23,000,000 monthly unique visitors.




This month, our Likes on Facebook increased from 3,316 to 3,415 and our reach, the number of people who saw our posts, has increased also.

We believe this is because of the Fine & Country Polo Facebook competition and our use of #100happydays.

Thank you to all those people who like and share our posts and who have entered the competition. If you haven't already, click here to enter.



We achieved 140 new followers this month – which is above our aim of 100 new followers per month.

There has been an increase in Tweets this month – 155 compared to 87 in April.

Thank you to everyone who follows and re-tweet us. If you do not follow us, click here and press the 'Follow' button.


Top coverage this month



Publication: The Times
Title: Home of the week
Date: 9th May
Agent: Fine & Country Kings Lynn
EAV: &35,000
Circulation: 394,448


Publication: The Epoch Times
Title: Mayfair comment on St James’s
Date: 22nd May
Agent: Fine & Country Mayfair
EAV: &26,668
Circulation: 990,850


Publication: Sunday Express
Title: Impact of London housing market
Date: 25th May
Agent: Fine & Country Solihull
EAV: &2,712
Circulation: 430,601


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