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The Fine & Country Property Awards 2014


This year’s Fine & Country Awards are fast approaching. With ten categories to take part in, now is the time for you and your team to start thinking about the awards you wish to focus on. This year there are two new categories: 'Most Improved Office of the Year' and 'Best Ambassador of the Brand'.

Offices are automatically entered into all the categories and all awards are based on quantitative data, apart from the Lettings, Customer Service and Best Brand Ambassador awards which are entered by submission only.

Where necessary, offices are encouraged to submit supplementary information. The submissions will be judged by the Fine & Country Board of Directors.

The deadline for the submission of supporting documents is the 31st December 2014 and the winners will be announced at the January Convention 2015.

The award categories are as follows:

Property Presentation Award

The Property Presentation Award recognises the finest presentation of residential property. Quality of photography, website exposure and marketing materials will all be considered.

This category will be judged on the quantity of Gold Marketing Packs ordered, the percentage of instructed properties which used Gold Marketing Packs and responses to the Media Centre alerts. Please note, without supplementary information, this award can only be judged on the figures that are provided by the Fine & Country studio.

Last year's winner: Fine & Country St Neots 


Marketing and Promotion Award

The Marketing and Promotion Award identifies the Fine & Country office that best markets and promotes itself and the Fine & Country brand.

The award will be judged based on the number of Fine & Country publications ordered from the studio during 2014, as well as the number of mini magazines, direct mail cards, Finer Lite, Strategy for Success and Accelerated Marketing brochures ordered from the studio throughout 2014.  

Offices that are top of the leader board (having counted orders from the studio) can be awarded extra points for full participation to the National Advertising Fund, subscription to the Media services and having a fully up to date micro site.

Last year's winner: Fine & Country Bath


Sales Achievement Award

The Sales Achievement Award commends the Fine & Country office that has excelled in sales during 2014.

This award will be judged based on the number of properties sold by each Fine & Country office during 2014. We appreciate that the offices that have been with Fine & Country for less than year have had less time to build up a large score. Therefore we invite submissions from these offices which prove outstanding sales achievement. Gross sales will be measured on a pro rata basis.

Last year's winner: Fine & Country Norwich


Best On-Brand Office Award

This award commends the Fine & Country office that excels visually whilst remaining true to the Fine & Country brand. This includes the use of branding, interior design and the use of other techniques that work to maximise the character of the office and working environment.

The winner will be decided following a visit to each office, where a member of the Fine & Country head office team will look for aspects such as external and internal branding and signage, window displays, interior design, client reception and the quality of furnishings.

Last year's winners: Fine & Country Carvoeiro


Lettings Award

The Lettings award commends the Fine and Country Office which excels in Lettings, measuring the number of properties under management or any other data which is supplied by those offices who submit.

Offices are not automatically entered therefore those who want to be considered for this award must submit a pack. The pack should include a list of all Fine & Country properties managed and other information believed to be of relevance to this award.

Last year's winner: Fine & Country Mayfair


Referrals and Networking Award

This award commends the Fine & Country office that utilises the referral system most effectively.

All offices are automatically entered. The winner of this award will be the Fine & Country office who has made the most outbound selling referrals during 2014.

Last year's winner: Fine & Country St Neots


Customer Service Award

This award recognises the Fine and Country office with the most outstanding customer service skills

The award will be based on the office with the most positive customer testimonials taken throughout the course of 2014. Offices will not be automatically submitted therefore will need to gather and supply testimonials.

Last year's winner: Fine & Country Drayton


Best Fine & Country Operator

The Best Fine & Country Operator award is the pinnacle of the Fine and Country Awards, reserved for exceptional performance and outstanding effort in all things ‘Fine & Country’. This award is not simply commending the office with the most aforementioned awards won. Instead, the ‘Best Estate Agent Award’ commends the office that excels beyond numerical data, displaying the Fine & Country spirit throughout all of its endeavours.

The winner of this award would be the agent with displaying overall first class performance and commitment to such things as; presentation, marketing, sales and market share performance.

Last year's winner: Fine & Country Andrews


Most Improved Office of the Year

This award will commend the office with greatest improvement year on year.

In order to get a true comparable each determining award will be analysed year on year. In addition, office performance will be judged regionally allowing each region to have a winner.

The regions are as follows:

1.) North West and North Wales
2.) South Wales and the Marshes
3.) South West
4.) Eastern
5.) Central
6.) London and Home Counties
7.) Yorkshire and North East
8.) Scotland


Best Ambassador of the Brand

In contrast to the ‘Fine & Country Best Operator’ award, this award credits the individual. This award will consider an individual’s efforts towards the improvement of their office and their dedication to and support of the Fine & Country brand as a whole.

The winner of this award will be the person who has immersed themselves in the brand the most effectively i.e. the individual displaying the most skills and enthusiasm towards the industry and brand, individual achievements, initiative, innovation, customer relations and charity work.

All Fine & Country members of staff are asked to make nominations based on personal experience. Furthermore, individuals can nominate themselves by submitting a pack containing supporting documents.



The winners of the awards will be announced at the Fine & Country conference in January. Further details of the prizes will be announced in due course.


For more information on the Fine & Country Property Awards, please contact the Park Lane team on 020 7079 1515.

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