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Showcase your properties at the Fine & Country Warwickshire Gold Cup


The polo campaign was launched only eight short weeks ago, yet the response has been extremely positive. Many Fine & Country agents who have utilised the marketing materials, including the invitations, window cards, direct mail cards, email signatures, advertisements and canvassing cards, have won instructions, built relationships with potential clients and raised local brand awareness as a result of the campaign.

Simon Bradbury, from Fine & Country St Neots says, “The engagement in this particular campaign from our buyers, sellers and potential customers is exceptionally high – higher than any other campaign we’ve been involved with. This engagement is evidenced by the spike in ticket reservations within just 48 hours of our promotion of the event via our electronic newsletter.”


Showcase your property at the Polo

Deadline: Friday 4th July 2014

Displaying your properties at the most prestigious event in the Fine & Country calendar can be extremely beneficial for your business. Telling clients that their property will be seen by thousands of high net worth individuals could help you win more instructions at higher commission rates and is a powerful marketing message.

Step 1 – Log onto the Members’ Hub and click onto the Digital Hub area of the website.



Step 2 – Click ‘Create a new order’.


Step 3 – Click the ‘Park Lane Window Cards’ button and choose either option in the next screen.


Step 4 – In the ‘Your reference’ section, you MUST specify that the window card is for the Fine & Country Warwickshire Gold Cup Exhibition by quoting ‘POLO’.

Important information

  • These polo window cards are free of charge; however, there is a maximum of 3 window card submissions per office.
  • We would ideally like equestrian properties to be showcased at the Polo, although we understand that for some agents, this is not possible.
  • Ensure each photograph is very high quality and at least 1MB in size.
  • Window cards that do not meet the standard will not be featured.

If you have any questions or need some additional guidance, please call the Fine & Country Studio on 01223 361 720.
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