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Five properties, five stories


The Fine & Country Media Centre are always looking for properties with a story behind them. Keep an eye out for celebrity connections and a historical link, these are the stories that property journalists love to write about. Sometimes, however, the story is a little less obvious. It may surprise you that if you dig deep enough, most homes on the market with Fine & Country are news-worthy.

To give you an idea of the type of properties suitable for national publications, we have put together a list of 5 interesting Fine & Country properties, each one with a different story.

1. Live on a film set


This impressive Marbella mansion is just a pretty property, the lower level of the property has a dramatically designed ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ entertainment area, complete with bar, life size characters and a 16 seat cinema suite.

Why is it good PR? Any properties that are truly one of a kind are worth sharing with the media centre. The wackier the better.

Sotogrande Alto
5 bedrooms
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2. Selling Neverland


Glenhafren Hall is an impressive Georgian home; however, the property also has an interesting literary connection. JM Barrie, the creator of Peter Pan, spent many holidays in the property with his adopted children fishing in the River Severn and playing Croquet. This particular property achieved a page in the Mail on Sunday worth almost &40,000.

Why is it good PR? Literary connections are always popular with journalists. It is worth noting that the author does not have to be the previous owner, he could have merely visited the property a few times.

Glenhafren Hall
5 bedrooms
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3. A little piece of history


Moorside House is a beautiful detached Grade II property in 1.6 acres. The home was built in 1830 by Hannibal Leigh Becker, a local chemical manufacture. His daughter, Lydia Becker, lived in the property. She is well known as one of the leaders in the British suffrage movement and the founder of the Women’s Suffrage Journal between 1870 and 1890. What’s more, an original painting of hers remains in the property on the living room door. 

Why is it good PR? Any notable historical figure makes good PR. The original painting in this property is a bonus.

Moorside House, Burnley Road, Altham, BB5 5TZ
5 bedrooms
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4. A home to survive the end of the world



Ash House is a high spec property and is flood proof, earthquake proof and ice age proof. Rather interesting considering the tame British weather! Chris Doe, director of Fine & Country West Malling said, "Over the last decade we have seen a significant change in the attitude of buyers towards modern and forward thinking homes. The UK housing market has previously been driven by buyers that have preferred traditional architectural styles and building methods. Our neighbours on the continent, especially those in Scandinavia, have consistently proved to be braver in their choice of styles, techniques and materials. However, in many ways the UK market is catching up and in many cases has now taken a lead by embracing technology and Eco friendly design.”

Why is it good PR? New home and design trends are often popular with journalists, especially if the trends are slightly unusual.

Ash House, West Malling
6 bedrooms
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5. SOLD! 

This property was on the market for 9 months with another agent and had 27 viewings but never sold. The vendors then instructed Fine & Country Leamington Spa. Jonathan Handford, Director of F&C Leamington Spa suggested they make three changes to the property.
1. Paint the front door white (it was green before)
2. Paint the garage door white (it was green before)
3. De-clutter the kitchen
The property then sold with Fine & Country after one viewing.
Why is it good PR? Any stories that illustrate the local property market could attract a journalist’s attention i.e. Very quick sells, offers way above asking price, outstanding success stories, or new innovative ways of attracting buyers to a property.

Remember, it helps if the vendors are happy to speak to a journalist and be photographed, and any images of the property you would like to submit must be HIGH RES.

If you have any questions or would like to tell us about a property, call the Fine & Country Media Centre on 020 7409 8402.

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