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2013 has been a fantastic year for the growth of the Fine & country network across the world, with 2014 already promising to be even better. 

2013 has been another fantastic year in the growth of the Fine & country network across the world and 2014 already promises to be even better still!

During 2013, Fine & Country opened offices at a rate of between two and three per month with offices in locations as diverse and exciting as Brighton & Hove, Oxford, and Harrogate, and further afield in Auckland, Carvoeiro and the Algarve and Cannes.

Since the start of 2014, Fine & Country offices have already opened for business in St Petersburg, Praia Da Luz, and closer to home in Dorchester, Guernsey, Walton on Thames and Bristol to name but a few.

Furthermore Fine & Country have as signed a partnership agreement with European Tour Properties to launch Fine & Country Golf, a specialist division marketing property from an exclusive portfolio of elite golf developments around the world.

Here are a few pictures sent from our stunning offices in Bristol and Praia Da Luz.

Praia da Luz 







... and a Mini Cooper!


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