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Finer magazine 2014 deadline dates


Finer magazine is a luxury, lifestyle publication which is distributed to select G and h council tax band households in your area, posted directly by royal mail.

Finer presents your proper ties beautifully, amongst a wealth of luxury editorial, on everything from leading hotels and restaurants, to gardening features, to the latest in the world of luxury automobiles and yachts - ensuring the profile of you and your property is pitched perfectly.

The editorial content of Finer is provided by Park Lane with your office free to provide a welcome from your office covering two pages and then populate 16 property pages as you see fit in addition to four further pages available for local advertisements.

To place your order, simply select and download your (F) G and H council tax band list of households to know the exact quantity your need and email or call 0207 0791515.

Prices are &2 a copy delivered with a minimum order quantity of 1000 copies.

You supply us with text and pictures for your properties, your welcome statements and we will do the rest for you.

2014 copy deadlines

Issue 1
Copy deadline – Friday 14th February
Distributed – 14th March
Issue 2
Copy deadline – Monday 14th April
Distributed – 12th May
Issue 3
Copy deadline – Friday 15th August
Distributed – 12th September

 Don't forget!

We also have created a direct mail card to promote the magazine to your constituency and attract potential vendors by mentioning the possibility of advertising their property in your next edition of Finer.

Click here to view the Finer direct mail card.

Due to the highly bespoke nature of the Finer direct mail card (including your postcodes and number of G & H council tax band properties in each postcode), please email to place your order.



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