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Book your Academy Day for 2014


Did you know that you could generate a thorough local market report or send a targeted mailing campaign from the member’s hub at the touch of a button? Do you keep abreast of the latest Fine & Country news by regularly reading the member’s hub UK landing page? Do you know how to access the latest information about your competition? 

Colin Shairp, from Fine & Country Southern Hampshire, is kindly available to train you and your team for free! Make sure you book this into your calendar for 2014 so you utilise all the Fine & Country award-winning tools. 

Whilst Head Office contacts all offices to book members and their staff on Academy Days, you can get ahead and contact us to book your place. This way you can arrange your diary to ensure attendance is planned for 'quieter' times of the year. Dates for 2014 are as follows;

Academy Days 2014

Wednesday 22nd January  Wednesday 16th July   
Wednesday 19th February  Wednesday 13th August  
Wednesday 19th March  Wednesday 17th September  
Wednesday 23rd April   Wednesday 29th October  
Wednesday 21st May Wednesday 19th November  
Wednesday 18th June  Wednesday 10th December  

Academy Days are a 5 hour workshop taking place in Fine & Country Head Office. If the Park Lane office is not entirely convenient for you or if you have an exceptionally large team, an Academy Day can be conducted in your office or venue for &99 per delegate (plus expenses).

To book your place please contact Angela O'Hara on 020 7079 1515 or email

"I found the day extremely interesting, informative and inspiring! Now, having just landed back in Usk, from my trip to London, it is time to put it all into action!" - Donna Rogers – Fine & Country Usk (October 2012)
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