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Hitting headlines in international publications


The Media Centre’s international push in the world press has seen Fine & Country hit the headlines in October in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Tatler Asia, just to name a few. This quarter’s international campaign has started with a bang, with a full article in the New York Times on Fine & Country Cascais’ recent sales success, reaching a potential monthly online audience of 29 million people. The article's opening sentence says it all; “In the past six months Charles Roberts, managing director of real estate agency Fine & Country Cascais , has seen his company sell more than €40 million in property to buyers from outside the European Union.”

Similarly, other articles published in October are continuing to send the Fine & Country message far and wide, with the Wall Street Journal reaching 13.4 million online users per month, Yahoo! Finance reaching 32 million, Financial Times US & Asia editions reaching 4.5 million and Tatler Asia boasting a print readership of 153,760 targeted high net worth subscribers per month.

The Media Centre continues to build strong relationships with journalists across the globe to ensure every property gains the widest possible exposure to the largest possible audience.


Place in the Sun online

2nd October 2013

EAV &3,000
Readership 30,000

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Tatler Asia

2nd October

EAV: &59,376
Readership: 153,760

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Sphere Asia

5th October 2013

EAV &6,150
Readership 68,292

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Financial Times (Europe, USA and Asia)

5th October 2013

EAV &23,250
Readership 2.2m
Online users 4.5m 

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Yahoo! Finance

6th October

EAV: &3,000
Readership: 32m



Wall Street Journal

9th and 10th October 2013

EAV &6,000
Readership 13.4m

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New York Times

11th October 2013

EAV &3,000
Readership 29m

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