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Register your business with the most widely used directory service - Google!

Rank Higher on Google in 5 Easy Steps!

As 80% of property searches start online, it is becoming increasingly important to appear at the top of the Google search result page. Appearing first when searching for ‘Estate agents in my area’ can be vital in generating traffic to your microsite, leading to a rise in valuation requests.

‘Google Places’ is the directory of local businesses which appears at the top of the page of search results. This is shown in the image below. These are the results for 'Estate agents in Solihull'.


Google has recently changed the way they display their local business directory by introducing a new search algorithm. This affects where local businesses rank in the list of results and no longer works separately to the standard search results meaning no business will ever be displayed twice on the same page, i.e. as a normal result and a Google places result.

In order to climb higher up the search results, please follow the instructions below.


Go to  
Login with a Google account or create a Google account and login.
Accept the terms and conditions.


Search for your Fine & Country office or click 'No, these are not my businesses'.


Choose the way you would like to verify your business.

It is IMPERATIVE that you verify your listing.

Once this is done your listing will appear as per the below in the Google Places directory.



Edit your business information.

The fields should be filled in as follows:

Company / Organisation: ‘Fine & Country your town Estate Agency’

Website: Your Microsite URL e.g.

Description should include: Estate Agent in your town, luxury property specialists, lettings agent in your town and some other words that detail your business.

Categories: Ensure you add the two categories of – ‘Estate Agent’ and ‘Lettings Agent’ you can add more if you desire.

Operating Hours: It is useful to fill this in; the more detailed the Google Places information the higher the ranking given.

Photos: Please add at least 3 photos of your office and/or team (this again affects your ranking).

Videos: Please upload your ‘Meet the Team’ or ‘About Us’ videoette and any other relevant videoettes (this again affects your ranking).

Additional details: This can be used to write other relevant details in such as ‘Villages Covered’ or ‘Twitter Account’.


In order to climb the rankings you can do the following:

Obtain 5 or more reviews within Google reviews.




Ensure your business is registered with other directory services (Google uses these for reference). Here our some suggestions:

If you need any assistance please call Fine & Country Park Lane on 0207 0791 515.

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