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2013 Fine & Country Awards



Welcome to the Fine & Country Property Awards 2013, where the Fine & Country brand recognises the best operators rewards and awards the performance of Fine & Country agents, both as brand leaders and real estate experts.

The winner of each category will win a ticket to the National Association of Realtor Exhibition in New Orleans 2014, with the overall winner receiving two tickets.

There are eight categories in which licensees can receive awards such as Sales Achievements and Best Property Presentation. Each participant will be mainly assessed following your office review and appraisal meeting with a representative of the Fine & Country Head Office. Some categories also require supporting documents and information, so please refer to the category list below.
The overall Best Estate Agent award will not require an entry. Although wins in the other award categories will be taken into account, the award will be determined by known participation and use of the brand, office audits and general assessment of the business operation.

Offices are automatically entered into each award category. The winners will be announced at the National Members' Conference in London in January 2014 (date TBC) and have the right to use the prestigious logo as part of their 2014 marketing campaign.

Award categories and assessment criteria

There is still time to roll up your sleeves and work hard towards winning one (or more) category! Each category with its assessment criteria is detailed below. The deadline to send your supporting materials is Friday 15th November by email to or by post to Fine & Country, 119-121 Park Lane, Mayfair, London, W1K 7AG.


Property Presentation

This category recognises the office with consistent, high-quality property presentations including photography, copy writing, marketing, website exposure and presentation materials.

Assessment criteria: we will base our judgement on the use of the Gold Marketing Pack, property advertising in Finer and Exclusive Home Worldwide, property presentation on the Fine & Country website and participation to the Media Centre alerts. If you do not use the Gold Marketing Pack service but still would like to participate, please send us your property presentation materials and other supporting documents. If you are using the Gold Marketing Pack but would like to increase your chance of winning, please send us any supporting document related to this category. 


Marketing and Promotion

This category identifies the office which best promotes themselves and the brand.

Assessment criteria: we will base our judgement on the number of marketing materials you are using including quarterly campaigns and exhibition marketing tools, Finer, Refined and Exclusive Home Worldwide, mini mags and Finer Lite, full participation to the National Advertising Fund, subscription to the Media Centre services and fully up-to-date microsite.


Sales Achievements

This category is for sales achieved by one office and market share in 2012. 

Assessment criteria: We will judge this category following your results on Vizzihome. You can send us supporting documents which include details such as sales techniques, listings/sales ratio, average number of days from listing to sale, the units sold as well as the total value.


Best On-Brand Office

This category relates to the office in its entirety including external and internal signage, window displays, interior design, client reception, quality of furnishings and the use of techniques to maximise the character of the office and working environment.

Assessment criteria: A representative from Head Office will soon be visiting your office as part of your annual company appraisal review and will assess your office branding and presentation simultaneously. We will look at external and internal branding, stock of Fine & Country corporate literature, stock of property particulars and display of quarterly marketing campaigns and international properties in your window. During our visit, please mention any additional feature which will support your entry.



This category rewards the best lettings agent within the network.

Assessment criteria: by application only, please send your supporting evidence including market share over the past 12 months, average time on market, monthly listings/lets. total property lets, total property rental commission earned, total property under management and any other additional documents related to this category.


Referrals and Networking

This category recognises the office which takes full advantage of the Fine & Country network by referring vendors and sellers as well as promoting other agent's properties.

Assessment criteria: we will base our judgement on the use of the Fine & Country referral system and the promotion of other Fine & Country properties in your window display. You can also send us supporting documents such as describing how you initiate and sustain your networking relationship with other Fine & Country offices and how it forms an important element of your business strategy.


Customer Service

This category discerns the office which delivers outstanding customer service and develop a positive brand image.

Assessment criteria: by application only, please send us your supporting evidence including customer testimonial sent by email, post or on customer review sites.


Best Estate Agent

This award will be assessed across all of the offices with every office in the network being automatically entered. This award is the pinnacle of each region’s Fine & Country Property Awards and will involve an assessment of your business across every element of the operation. This includes all aspects of Fine & Country strategy as captured by the other awards.

Credit will be given for winning other awards however not to the exclusion of other Fine & Country businesses. You can only win this award if your combination of presentation, marketing, sales, market share performance and commitment to the Fine & Country brand is first class. This award will be reserved for exceptional performance and only presented to the ‘complete’ Fine & Country operator.


For more information on the Awards or the assessment process, please email

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