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As a network of independent estate agents, a central applicant database is the one key strength our corporate counterparts hold against us. Companies like Savills or Knight Frank have the added advantage of sharing their buyers across all of their branches. They will all operate on one software system and as such, when they conduct an applicant match, it will be across a much wider number of database. These items give them the ability to capitalise and convert a higher percentage of their applicant database.

In the knowledge that our competitors have an advantage over us and our conversion rates on registered applicants are lower, we were presented with a challenge.

Before we explain the advantage of the buyer's database to you and your customers, we want to reassure you on the following:

> Your data will not be used for any other purpose than for powering the buyers database – it is safe. We won’t use it for anything.
> No other office will have access to your applicants – they are in your control.
> Head Office is not making any money out of this system whatsoever.

What are the advantages to you?

Win instructions: potential sellers will be able to preview how many potential buyers we have for their properties, prompting them to contact you for more information.

We can market the database and its size, providing statistics on numbers registered by price threshold, location and other criteria, which should in turn be a useful instruction winning tool.

Confidential – The other offices will not see your data. The applicants will be managed by the system.

The system allows for login directly with a Facebook or Google+ account which gives us the ability to post on Facebook walls and also scrapes the profile information

Tracks buyers’ activities against your branch: When a customer receives the alerts and navigate to the website, the system will automatically log them in, thereby tracking their activities against the agent who loaded them.

Confidential properties can be matched and shared via all branches.


Once logged in, potential buyers will have the following options:

They can save their properties, ensuring they are alerted when there is a price change or a change of status. They can also share their saved property with their friends via embedded social networking tools.

They can save their searches to be alerted of any new properties being listed under their criteria.

They can modify the frequency within which they receive their alerts.

Should they need to they can also modify their contact details within the system.

They can subscribe to different elements within the property alerts e.g., Include international properties

They are automatically subscribed to electronic versions of both Refined and Exclusive Homes Worldwide, meaning they are communicated to in a professional and corporate manner 14 times per year. There is, of course, the ability to unsubscribe should they wish to.


Options for potential vendors - generate valuation requests

The system will allow a potential vendor to have a sneak peak into the database to see how many potential buyers we could have for their home. Then they can contact you to access these potential buyers:

Conducting a search results in an initial non intrusive popup to be generated after 5 seconds ‘See if we have Buyers for your home’

Entering a price range and postcode of a residence will prompt the applicant database to search for prospective parties

A resulting list displays the matched applicants in a censored format (Better than the traditional 'We have buyers for your home', you can actually see a list of buyers and their criteria)

The customer can then either fill in the details regarding their property for a valuation request, contact the branch directly or the system has partially completed the information.

The branch would then receive a contact notification of the valuation request

Within the contact request are all of the matched buyers (applicants) so the office knows exactly who might be interested and also knows that other offices may have suitable applicants registered as well for these properties for referral opportunities –



The ability to register, save searches and properties (and receive alerts) is now live.

We ask you to load your applicants by 31st August at which point we then make the ‘sell your home’ function live as well.  

How to add your applicants to the database

- Go on the Fine & Country website (UK site or your branch microsite) and register yourself as an individual to the system

- Email and we will amend your access level to make you an admin of the site

- You will see new functionalities appear in your control panel when logged in, Click on 'User Manager'

- You can enter your applicants manually one by one or upload your whole database of applicants in one go from a spreadsheet.

Please note: you can only upload people who have registered an interest with Fine & Country (core brand customers can not be uploaded) and who have not agreed to receive email communications.

Call 020 7079 1515 and ask for David or Emilie if you need help uploading your database or even extracting the data from your software supplier.
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