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Fine & Country Warwickshire Gold Cup 2013


With over 5,300 registered guests, this year’s Fine & Country Warwickshire Gold Cup was the biggest yet since it started 5 years ago. Guests from all over the world as well as those local to the Warwickshire area, travelled to the Dallas Burston Polo Club to enjoy the day. 
We were delighted to have international support with Fine & Country licensees coming from Egypt, Portugal, Cannes, Nigeria, South Africa as well as guests from Switzerland, Russia, China, Paris and Seattle.

Guests were able to enjoy a five course fine dining lunch or simply enjoy the day with a picnic whilst watching exhilarating polo. In between matches activities such as archery, helicopter ride, and pony rides were available to entertain the whole family.

Missed the event? These are some testimonials from some of the licensees who attended:

“I can’t believe I haven’t been to the Fine & Country Polo Day before, it was a fantastic day, the weather was great, the setting was fantastic and the arrangements were as expected, superb.

I simply turned up with a hamper, sun tan lotion and found a spot to watch the day go by, it cost nothing and you could see how successful it was with over 5000 people attending. I overheard many people talk about Fine & Country and the brand association is terrific. It which goes to prove what a great event this is, to think that only 5 years ago there were less than 200 people there, now to have over 5000 just goes to prove the marketing carried out has put this event and Fine & Country on the calendar.

Admittedly, like so many others, I thought, Warwick.....Polo Event, that’s a long way, both distance wise and something that my typical clients might not enjoy/be suited too, but it isn’t. The day is suitable for everyone who wants a day out. Next year I intend to invite all my clients and to promote it as much as I can.

Well done to all those involved, a truly memorable day and I am proud to be associated with the Brand”.

Colin Shairp, Fine & Country Southern Hampshire


'We advertised the event on-line both on Rightmove (Featured Agent advert) and by way of a Fine & Country branded feature button on our core brand web site. These were directly linked to the Eventbrite page where people could order tickets directly- which they did in great number! We used high impact window displays, communicated the event by e-mail with a branded e-mail footer and also full page newspaper advertising. It was a great event to market. The day itself was simply the very best Fine & Country event I’ve ever been to- and I’ve been to a few!'

Simon Bradbury, Fine & Country Cambridgeshire 


Attending the Polo day once again confirmed the great opportunity of connectivity that the Brand offers all International licensees. The UK licensees shows how a small idea can be turned into a BIG project once everybody gives their support.

Fine & Country continue to offer new opportunities to licensees every day and I would encourage each member to participate and be part of the most lucrative opportunity that our network offers.

Linda Erasmus, Fine & Country South Africa


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