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2013 Fine & Country Awards

The Fine & Country Property Awards are split into two regions covering Europe and Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The awards are open to Fine & Country residential property licensees from around the globe. Participants are automatically entered at their relevant regional level and are judged by a highly experienced team of professionals who cover the whole range of property and marketing disciplines. The winners will be announced at a glittering awards dinner organised in each region and have the right to use the prestigious logo as part of their 2013/2014 marketing campaign.


The winner of each category will win a trip to the NAR Conference & Expo 2014, including flights and accommodation
for one person. The Best Overall winner will be entitled to two places.

The National Association of Realtors is the world’s largest trade association, representing over 1 million members involved in the residential and commercial real estate industries. Through its members, the National Association of Realtors serves as the collective force in influencing and shaping the real estate industry. Every autumn, real estate professionals from across the US and around the world come together for the annual NAR Conference & Expo which provides an exclusive marketplace to come face-to-face with more than 20,000 of these professionals.

This annual four-day event includes:
•  More than 100 education sessions, featuring nationally-recognised speakers, trainers, and industry experts, who discuss timely topics and critical issues of value to estate agency professionals
•  400 industry vendors at the expo, who present the latest innovative tools just for real estate professionals
•  unlimited networking and referral-building opportunities, including special events, networking lounges, and the expo show floor
•  The NAR Conference & Expo 2014 will take place in New Orleans, LA, from 7th to 10th November 2014.


Click here to download the full Application Booklet.

Property Awards Regions and Dates

Award Ceremony - January Conference 2014 UK.
Entries for this region must be in no later than the 15th November. Covering over 215 offices in six countries.

Africa and Asia & Middle East
Award Ceremony - October Conference 2013 South Africa.
Entries for this region must be in no later then the 1st September. Covering over 60 offices in eight countries.

Award Categories

As a conclusion for each category, please explain why you feel you should win.


Property Presentation

This category recognises the finest presentation of a residential property and includes: presentation to the public (photography, copy writing, marketing, website exposure, presentation materials); staff training and customer service.


Marketing and Promotion

This category identifies the best marketing campaign by an office to promote themselves and the brand. Provide an appropriate case study for a single marketing campaign, its success and how this was measured. Note that this category does not include property presentation.


Sales Achievements

This category is for sales achieved by one office in 2013 and commission charged. Please include details of sales techniques, listings/sales ratio, average number of days from listing to sale, the units sold as well as the total value.


Best On-Brand Office

This category relates to the office in its entirety including external and internal signage, window displays, interior design, client reception, quality of furnishings and the use of techniques to maximise the character of the office and working environment.



Provide supporting information regarding lettings techniques, property management strategies, number of properties under management and techniques implemented to maximise lettings potential.


Referrals and Networking

This category should include the use and operation of the Fine & Country referral system, number of referrals passed on to other offices and referral fees received, number of referrals received and followed up. describe how you initiate and sustain your networking relationship with other Fine & Country offices and how it forms an important element of your business strategy.


Customer Service

Please supply us with your first six months exchanges (vendors contact details) and we will ring and write to them for feedback against a detailed questionnaire (see booklet for more information)

Best Estate Agent

This award will be assessed across all of the offices with every office in the network being automatically entered. This award is the pinnacle of each region’s Fine & Country Property Awards and will involve an assessment of your business across every element of the operation. This includes all aspects of Fine & Country strategy as captured by the other awards.

Credit will be given for winning other awards however not to the exclusion of other Fine & Country businesses. you can only win this award if your combination of presentation, marketing, sales, market share performance and commitment to the Fine & Country brand is first class. This award will be reserved for exceptional performance and only presented to the ‘complete’ Fine & Country operator.

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