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£298,099 in EAV in April!


In April, your PR and Media Centre pitched 302 times to national and regional journalists, reached 23,816,064 newspaper and magazine readers and achieved &298,099 in EAV (or &894,297 in PR value!). We would like to thank all the agents who have participated and sent their properties through.

April's highlights



The Times (and online)
5th April 2013 

EAV: &21,756 
Readership: 1,181,442

Agent featured: Durham

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Daily Express Saturday Magazine
6th April 2013

EAV: &18,750
Readership: 1,842,540

Agent featured: Lakes and North Lancs, Webbers Fine & Country

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 The Telegraph (Online)
10th April 2013  
EAV: &12,000
Readership: 1,667,451

Agent featured: Canterbury, Drayton, Stamford, Bodmin

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  The Sunday Times (and online)14th April 2013  
  EAV: &5,425 
Readership: 2,656,836

 Agent featured: Canterbury, Lakes and North Lancs

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The Daily Telegraph (and online)
20th April 2013 

EAV: &3,687
Readership: 1,667,451

Agent featured: North Wales

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The Sunday Times
28th April

EAV: &10,850
Readership: 2,656,836

Agent featured: Stamford 

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Social Media

Your PR and Media centre has also achieved great results on the Fine & Country social media channels with 123 more followers on Twittter (we now have 2,662 followers and growing!), 2,955 Likes on Facebook and a new LinkedIn page with 175 followers.

We encourage all agents to participate, whether by sending us market comments, details of events you are attending, open houses and any other stories you want to share with our followers. You can also help by simply re-tweeting, linking or commenting our posts.


April's most popular social media stories
- Fine & Country at the East Anglian Game and Country Fair - 1508 people saw this post
- New to the market this Spring photo gallery - 158 people clicked on the post
- Congratulations to Sean Newman for completing the London Marathon - 51 people commented/liked/shared the post and was shared virally.


Gain free coverage in the national newspapers and on our social media channel 

- Reply to our media requests (if you are not receiving them, please email
- Send us interesting properties with high resolution pictures
- Re-tweet our tweets and like our posts on Facebook

For more information on PR and social media or to enquire about a bespoke PR package for your office, please email Katie, Francesca and Sinead on or call 020 7079 1515.


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