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Do your customers know that we are advertising everyday in the news section of the Telegraph App? You will find more information about this fantastic instruction winning tool in this bulletin along with the success of the Media Centre team and how you can gain free national coverage. We also enclose a fantastic referral opportunity in Wales and information on the Fine & Country Awards and how to participate.

Let's not forget about the Fine & Country Warwickshire Gold Cup. We are now receiving regular booking enquiries and have over 1,890 confirmed attendees. You can make the most of this event by marketing it to your constituency using all the tools available on the member's hub. A VIP experience at a discounted price is also available to all Fine & Country members.

Do your customers know?

Book your VIP Experience

£298,099 in EAV in April!

Fine & Country website update

2013 Fine & Country Awards

Find a buyer and earn £8,375 in referral fee!

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