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Have you booked your Royal Mail Door-to-Door delivery yet?

You now have the option to use Royal Mail Door-to-Door delivery as part of our marketing delivery services. The benefits of using this service are two fold: cost saving and a widespread reach. Being hand delivered, you are sure that your message will be delivered and will not require a stamp, which adds to the cost of delivery by post. You can hit an entire postcode sector from about &60 per 1,000 households (delivery cost only. Does not include design and printing costs.)

How does it work?

It could not be easier:


When should you book Royal Mail?

If you are distributing Finer on a quarterly basis (available only via traditional postage method), then we advise you to book Royal Mail Door-to-Door in between issues. As an example, bookings can be made as follows:



What marketing materials can I send?

We have many marketing materials you can send via Royal Mail. However, the key marketing tool is:

Mini Mags

Mini mags are a smaller and lighter version of Finer Lite. The mini mags are entirely bespoke to suit your needs; editorial pages to include the message of your choice (pre-written text can be used as part of the quarterly marketing campaign) and a list of properties which can be for sale, sold, to let or let.

As this is distributed to a postcode district eg CB1 5, it hits a less targeted but wider audience to that of Finer or Finer Lite. As such if you have a core brand you may wish to consider a two pronged attack with a 16 page version, 8 pages dedicated to Fine & Country and 8 pages dedicated to your core brand.

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