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Pictures of your National Licensee Convention

The National Licensee Convention attracted members of the network and their team from all around the country and beyond (let's not forget our new team coming all the way from the French Riveria). Our photographer immortalised the day by taking pictures of the crowd. These pictures are a nice reminder of a very successful event, but can also be used as part of your marketing, so do not hesitate to download them and use them.

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_FJA6123small _FJA6095small _FJA6665small
_FJA6448small _FJA6126small _FJA6169small
_FJA6135small _FJA6200small _FJA6269small
_FJA6472small _FJA6549small _FJA6456small
_FJA6581small _FJA6489small _FJA6490small
_FJA6584small _FJA6593small _FJA6564small
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