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The Fine & Country Monthly Survey


Fine & Country is now one of the largest luxury estate agents in the UK, and as such, we are one of the best informed about the state of the top end property market. However, there has never been an easy way to share local knowledge between the network, to build a national picture of the property market - until now!

To help emphasise the size and scale of the network in local and national media, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Fine & Country monthly survey. This survey will be a quick and simple questionnaire we ask Fine & Country offices to complete on a monthly basis and will benefit your business in the following ways:

1) We will use this data to create a regular National Luxury Property Market Update report - so you can show off this report in your office and to send to local and national publications, showing you are the local market expert!

2) The Fine & Country Media Centre will use this information as evidence to reinforce editorial submitted on the property market, for example - success stories, trends, regional patterns and sentiments in the luxury property market.

3) Fine & Country offices can use the concept of a Fine & Country Research Department as a unique selling point - emphasising how well informed and professional the network is. Some of our competitors already have this research department in place, so it really is important we ensure our reputation is one of being professional and informed experts.

You can complete the survey by clicking on the following link:

The survey will close on the 15th of the following month, however because this was only announced on the 31st January at the National Conference, the first Fine & Country survey of 2013 for the month of January will be close on the 28th February.

Only Fine & Country offices who complete the survey will receive the national results - so don't miss out!!

If you have any questions or suggestions for how we can improve the survey, please contact the Media Centre on 0207 409 4673

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