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During the conference we explained how the Media Centre turned PR on its head. The media centre does not wait for journalist to request properties, instead we pitch our own properties and stories directly to them. This is very hard work, but we are very proud of the results, with January being our best month on record so far! We have achieved &400,529 in equivalent advertising value (or &1,201,833 in PR value) and reached an amazing 31,200,250 readers!!

We would like to thank all the offices who regularly send us properties. We would not be able to achieve this without you.

A few things to remember about our services:

- We will not charge you when you send us your properties or if they appear in a newspaper. It is FREE!

- We will not be able to pitch your property without high resolution, quality pictures. Journalists mainly choose properties mainly according to the attractiveness of the property and the quality of the pictures.

Should you wish to benefit from further PR exposure locally or regionally or learn how you help further the national coverage please call the PR team on 0207 0791515.  



The Sunday Times

27th January 2013

EAV &65,100
Readership 2,684,976

Agent featured: Fine & Country Cranbrook

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The Times

18th January 2013

EAV: &54,390
Readership: 1,188,123

Agent featured: Fine & Country Lichfield

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The Daily Telegraph

5th January 2013

EAV &23,600
Readership 1,642,395

Agent featured: Webbers Fine & Country, Fine & Country Chelmsford

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