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Fine & Country National Licensee Convention 2013

'The confidence to succeed'

Presentations and hand-outs


Malcolm Lindley reflects on our successes of 2012 and gives us some pointers on the Fine & Country business class service.



Prospecting – Know your constituency

Richard Combellack talks about how to drive market share by knowing your constituency and how to measure it.

Ben Oram and Will Lownsbrough demonstrate some enhancements to the Fine & Country prospecting system.

cultivating_constituency Royal_Mail

The new Finer

Richard Combellack and Mark Welby give you an insight into our new Finer publication that quite simply is in a different league.



Marketing tools

David Lindley refreshes us all on the tools available that give you the confidence to command higher fees.

marketing_tools Marketing_campaign

Promotion and advertising

David Lindley and Rowena Kenny reflect on last year’s advertising and marketing strategy and present this year’s campaigns as well as how to make the most out of this unique selling point.

Promotion_and_advertising National_advertising


Voice in the media

Emilie Despois introduces you to your voice in the media alongside Chris Hope (Fine & Country Swansea) who talks you through our successes with our in-house PR team.



Enhancing property promotion

Sam Callow – The 3 ‘P’s; Property, people and places and the art of great photography.


Buyers database and confidential marketing

Ben Oram showcases the new Fine & Country buyers database, targeting buyers and introducing a sellers’ ‘confidential service’.



Training and open houses

Sean Newman, Napoleon Wilcox, Andrew Blacklock and Colin Shairp join us on a panel hosted by David Lindley to discuss open houses and targeting buyers.

sales_and_open_houses open_house


Online Marketing – Review sites, friend or foe

Ben Oram talks us through the management of reviews and gives us an update on social media.




Joanna Swash from moneypenny joins David Lindley to talk through the operating standards of Fine & Country.


Looking ahead

Jon Cooke announces a new Fine & Country award programme – Your chance to win tickets to join us at the NAR (National Association of Realtors exhibition) in 2014.

looking_ahead awards


Fine & Country Cambridge – Case study update

Mike Bidwell returns to tell you about his experience on the front line.



Closing address

by Malcolm Lindley

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