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Fine & Country Brand Standards

As you will now be aware from prior bulletins and from the minutes of the recent NAC meeting, we are in the process of reviewing the brand guidelines globally to ensure consistency locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

As such we would like to also take the opportunity to rejuvenate our brand standards and remind members of the following;

Minimum standards for Fine & Country Members

Fine & Country Members have a duty to the brand, themselves and other members to represent our fantastic brand in the appropriate manner. Previously at the June 2009 Conference the following minimum standards were outlined and implemented by all Fine & Country members.

Each Fine & Country Member ought to:-

  • Adhere to the brand guidelines on all marketing collateral
  • Have a dedicated Fine & Country department
  • Have a dedicated Fine & Country phone number answered Fine & Country
  • Market all their premium properties under the brand
  • Have professional standard of photography
  • Use floorplans for every property
  • Have Fine & Country For Sale boards
  • Have Fine & Country set of terms of business
  • Participate in NAC agreed promotions and guidelines
  • Adhere to the national commission sharing protocol
  • Be represented at every regional meeting and the national conference

    We would now like to add the following; 
  • Cantilever boards should be used wherever possible
  • Members should have dedicated trained staff who attend an Academy Day at least once a year

With regards to point 3 of the original standards (telephone answering) we were disappointed to discover in a recent audit that only 40% of the members were adhering to it*. As such we would like to remind all members about the fantastic service offered by Moneypenny.

Moneypenny offers an after-hour, out-of-hour or extra capacity for your business on all calls and will help you;

  • Capture every opportunity
  • Extend virtual opening hours
  • Deliver outstanding customer service
  • Protect Fine & Country's award-winning reputation

A two week trial is available for all members allowing you to evaluate the service and how it suits your business.

I am sure you will all agree that Fine & Country needs a consistent telephone answering across the network in order not to miss a single client. So if you are unable to answer all your calls, why not giving Moneypenny a go!

What some of the Fine & Country offices have to say about Moneypenny:

"Excellent and efficient service, Moneypenny has delivered exactly what they promised." Dominic Subbiani, Tenby.

"Moneypenny has proved to be a flexible and cost-effective means of maintaining high service standards when staffing levels are low." John Forsythe, Carlisle.

"Moneypenny is a really impressive business service." Dafyd Hardy, North Wales.

Call 08000 199 944 or email for more information.

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