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Home Moving Trend Survey



Fine & Country is working with The Property Academy to take part in the 2012 Home Moving Trends Survey. This survey provides our network with invaluable insights into home movers choices and experiences when selling or purchasing properties.

The Home Moving Survey is coming to a close and we need your participation so please go to to take part.

We have committed to this as a network and we are keen that all our Fine & Country offices get involved. The survey is in its 5th year and delivers key insights to property professionals such as:

How did they find you?

Why did they choose you?

And what was it like to be moved by you?

It's very simple to be involved - All you need to do is send the template email below to your current and recently completed vendors (previous 12 months completions) asking them to kindly complete the short survey.

Download Template Email


The survey runs until 8th November.

All Fine & Country agents who have vendors taking part in the survey will get to see the results which could prove to be valuable to your business as an instruction winner and way of differentiating your business from that of your competitors . In addition to this, there will be trade and consumer PR opportunities to show that you have your finger on the pulse and understand the needs of home movers.

The key is that we need to provide 200 surveys as this will then secure for Fine & Country the national summary results of the survey. We can then compare the national statistics to the Fine & Country performance. We feel confident that if we can secure the national results this will generate a number of powerful marketing messages and opportunities where we can promote the Fine & Country brand as being significantly superior to its competitors.

Therefore we would very much appreciate your involement in this survey and thank you in advance for your support of this initiative.
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