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Fine & Country IT updates - A reminder

The Fine & Country website has recently under gone a number of important and useful improvements. Therefore we have summarised below some of these recent changes: 

Download your property analytics

You can now download the statistics of your property hits and clicks both for your microsite and for the national website. Go to the members section of the website, log in and select ‘Applications tab’. This will then display a list of your properties and the actions that can be performed on each of those properties. At the top right-hand side of this page you will see two buttons saying ‘Download stats’ one National and one Microsite specific.


New Image uploader

A new image uploader has recently gone live with some very smart new features:

- It allows you to select multiple images for a property, set for upload and then carry on working on other things while that page works in the background. Even if you close the other window from the CMS this image uploader will carry on working and upload those images against the property.

- A warning message will let you know if your image has a low resolution. The reason for including this warning is because we intend to use your pictures on the website to allow your office to create direct mail cards or even magazine pages at the click of a button directly from your property CMS. To allow you to do this in the future it is necessary to ensure we have the right resolution images, hence the warning.

NB: If you encounter some issues with the uploader in Internet Explorer browser ensure you have selected the compatibility mode.

Create your own bespoke email footer

It is not necessary to contact the studio to create your email footer anymore! You can now create your email footer by following a few simple steps:

> Log onto the member's hub
> Click on 'Fine & Country Applications'
> Click on 'Create email signature' 
> Enter your details as indicated on the page, save and add to your emails



Please do contact me if you have any comments or further suggestions in regards to the recent changes made to the website and….. Watch this space as we have many more exciting enhancements planned over the forthcoming months ……


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