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Further improvements to

Minimum property presentation standards

Over the last few months the NAC, via the regional meetings and Marketing and IT sub-committee, have agreed to the integration of minimum standards of property presentation on the Fine & Country website. This is an initiative instigated to raise the standard of online property presentation to maintain a consistency that the consumer would expect.

As a consequence we have updated the website so that certain fields must be filled on the CMS before making the property live on the market. This new feature should allow visitors to find the necessary information easily and without irregularities.

The minimum standards agreed by the NAC are as follows:

• A property name, street name and town for your property
• At least 8 features (will appear in bullet point format on the page)
• At least 8 images
• A floorplan, EPC and PDF brochure

Please note that there will be on limited occasions exceptions made to cater for areas without street names or new build projects. If you have any queries please contact the team at Park Lane on 020 7079 1515.



New Image uploader

A new image uploader has recently gone live with some smart new features:

- It allows you to select multiple images for a property, set for upload and then carry on working on other things while that page works in the background. Even if you close the other window from the CMS this image uploader will carry on working and upload those images against the property.

- A warning message will let you know if your image has a low resolution. The reason for putting this warning in place is because we intend to use your pictures on the website to create direct mail cards or even magazine pages at the click of a button directly from your property CMS. In order to do this in the future we need to ensure we have the right resolution images, hence the warning.

NB: If you encounter some issues with the uploader in Internet Explorer browser ensure you have selected the compatibility mode.

Please do contact me if you have any comments or further suggestions in regards to the recent changes made to the website and….. Watch this space as we have many more exciting enhancements planned over the forthcoming months ……


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